Electric Kettle Price in Bangladesh

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Electric Kettle Buying in Bangladesh

To get instant hot water, electric kettle is very good for household work.

1. Select the design first. But it depends on your personal preference. However, make sure that it is not too heavy.

2. Then select the size of the kettle. 1-2 liter kettle is enough for household works. But for office or party a little bigger should be chosen.

3. Test the efficiency of the kettle as if it boils a small amount of water then it should use less electricity.

4. Electric kettle must have auto shut-off feature. When the water boiling is finished, it should stop automatically.

5. Plastic kettles are a little cheaper but stainless steel kettles are more durable.

What is the price of an Electric Kettle in Bangladesh?

Electric kettle price in Bangladesh starts at Tk 700 which is equipped with automatic shut-off, boil-dry protection, and can heat less than 1 liter of water. Electric kettle price in Bangladesh usually varies depending on the brand, model, capacity, build quality, and safety features. Electric kettle made of stainless steel with temperature control, and keep-warm function is available between Tk 1,200 to Tk 2,000. Also, an attractively designed electric kettle with an LED display, water purification filters, and advanced material is available within a budget of Tk 3,000 to Tk 4,500 in Bangladesh.

Best Electric Kettle Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best electric kettle list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best electric kettle list has been created based on the interest for electric kettle buyers of BD Stall.

Electric Kettle Model Price in BD
Sokany SK-0808 1L Electric Water Kettle ৳ 2,050
Marcel MK-LJSS180N Electric Kettle for Tea Making ৳ 1,090
Sencor SWK 2511BK 2.5-Liter Electric Kettle ৳ 2,850
IONA 1.8-Liter Cordless Kettle ৳ 3,600
Panasonic NC-K301 Electric Kettle ৳ 4,500
Sencor SWK 1572RD 1.5-Liter Electric Kettle ৳ 3,000
Pure Nova Cordless Electric Kettle ৳ 1,200
Alizz AL-9301 2.3-liter Electric Kettle ৳ 1,700
Alizz A85 2.0-Liter Electric Kettle ৳ 1,600
Minister MI-EKX18 Electric Kattle ৳ 1,370