Dental Treatment

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৳ 3,000
29 days ago
Teeth Root Canal

Dental Root Canal treatment to save your badly decayed or infected tooth.

৳ 35,000
29 days ago
Teeth Implant

Dental implant for curing your infected tooth without help or damaging other adjacent teeth. This is very new...

৳ 700
21 days ago
Teeth Scaling

Teeth scaling service to remove plaque build-up in your mouth. This will clean your tooth and will keep your gum health...

৳ 300
29 days ago
24 Hours Dental Emergency Services

24 hours emergency services and why wait for long time. Relief your pain instantly and we're ready to provide you the...

৳ 200
28 days ago

R.V.G. dental X-ray for your infected teeth. No need any reports. your doctor will see live of the infected teeth by a...

৳ 300
21 days ago

Full mouth OPG for dental treatment.

৳ 15,000
29 days ago
Teeth Whitening

Permanent teeth whitening for eye-caching teeth.

৳ 100
29 days ago
X-Ray for Individual Teeth

X-Ray for individual teeth with clear image and accurate position. Find out your teeth root problem by doing x-ray of...

৳ 700
21 days ago
Tooth Polishing

Polish your teeth to remove the spot and make the teeth more beautiful. This can be done right after the scaling to...

৳ 1,000
28 days ago
Teeth Filling

Dental filling with natural tooth-colored materials.

৳ 3,500
28 days ago
Dental Crown

Dental Crown Treatment to improve your discolored or poorly shaped tooth.

৳ 1,200
30 days ago
Scaling and Polishing

Dental scaling and polishing treatment to remove hard tartar from your tooth.