Security Alarm

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৳ 12,500
5 days ago
Everspring USC423 GSM Wireless Alarm System

Everspring USC423 wireless GSM alarm system has operation range of RF > 150m in open space, support total up to 50...

৳ 60,000
19 hours ago
Holy HL2900 AM EAS 58 KHz Security System

Holy HL2900 AM EAS security system has 0.7 - 0.9 meter soft label and 1.2 - 1.4 meter hard tag detect distance, 58 KHz...

৳ 700
8 days ago
Rotary KM-110 Fire Alarm with Warning Light

Rotary KM-110 fire alarm sounds loudly and has warning lite.

৳ 49,000
19 hours ago
Holy HL-6 FM RF EAS HL DSP Type Security System

Holy HL-6 FM RF EAS security system has 8.2 Mhz frequency, 150 / 160 / 170 / 180Hz scan frequency, DC 24V input...

৳ 1,250
18 hours ago
Single Beam ABO-20L Outdoor Active IR Detector

Rain proof design, infrared image sensor photocell, ROHS certification, IP55, unique digital filter design, robust...

৳ 4,700
5 days ago
Cop Security 15-946 Motion Detector Sensor Security Alarm

Cop Security 15-946 motion detector sensor security alarm system has automatic gain control, dual beam, pulsed...

৳ 599
4 months ago
Portable Security Door Stop Alarm Device

Portable security door stop alarm device has 125dB burglar alarm with heavy sound, battery powered for home indoor, no...

৳ 25,000
3 months ago
Intrusion Security Alarm

This type of Alarm is required for SCS/ Supply Chain Security-SCS Audit for Sensitive Area like packing Area, Loading &...

৳ 24,500
3 months ago
Security Sensor Alarm

Investing in an alarm system is a good option for added security. It is needed to use in loading & Unloading area for...

৳ 9,000
5 months ago
Tarch GSM-LY01 GSM Security Burglar Alarm System

Tarch GSM-LY01 GSM security burglar alarm system. This intruder alarm device features Wireless easy installation, Long...