X-Ray Machine Price in Bangladesh 2024

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X-Ray Machine Buying in Bangladesh

X-ray is a quick and painless procedure commonly used to take pictures of the inside of the body. X-ray machine is more commonly used to detect bone problems especially. In addition, X-ray machine is used to diagnose soft tissue problems in the human body. X-ray is done by taking pictures of the inside of the body from different angles in just a few minutes. Advancement of medical science began after the discovery of X-ray. In Bangladesh, various types of X-ray machine is used to detect problems in the human body.

Need to know before taking X-ray

1. Wear lead apron, thyroid collar, lead goggles, and lead gloves as necessary to take precautions.

2. Before taking X-ray, if there is any kind of gold ornaments and iron objects in the body, it should be removed.

3. It is best to wear loose clothing while undergoing X-ray.

4. Pregnant women should inform the doctor about pregnancy before X-ray. X-ray is not recommended for pregnant women unless it is an emergency.

5. Avoid using lotions, creams, and perfumes before X-ray.

6. While performing X-ray of different soft tissues of the body, different medicine is taken according to the type of soft tissue.

7. In case of X-ray which is usually done to identify bone problems, no side effects are seen after X-ray. On the other hand, some side effects may occur after contrast agent X-rays or soft tissue X-rays of the body, which usually subside within a few days.

8. Doctor's advice must be followed during X-ray.

9. X-ray is done either lying or standing depending on the type of X-ray machine. Therefore, no movement can be done while lying or standing X-ray. Because movement will blur the X-ray image.

What to look for before buying an X-ray machine?

Problems in the human body are detected using the radiation waves of the X-ray machine, which is sensitive to the human body. So, before selecting an X-ray machine for a hospital or clinic in BD, certain points must be noted.

Image Quality: The main function of an X-ray machine is to take clear pictures of the internal parts of the human body. And, by looking at this picture, the doctor diagnoses the problem. Hence, the entire procedure is performed to collect a clear picture of the inside of the body. Therefore, the X-ray machine should be selected after checking whether it can take enough clear and quality images.

Types of X-ray Machines: X-ray machine is generally of three types Computed Tomography (CT), Fluoroscopy, and Radiography available in Bangladesh and imported from abroad. The right X-ray machine should be selected according to the requirement. And based on size, there are three types of X-ray machines used: fixed X-ray machine, portable X-ray machine, and mobile X-ray machine.

X-ray Tube: The main part of the X-ray machine is the X-ray tube which converts electrical energy into X-rays. And, how much space can be x-rayed at a time depends on the x-ray tube. Therefore, before buying the X-ray machine, the X-ray tube should be properly checked as per the requirement.

Features: The X-ray machine has some special features that help in capturing the internal images of the human body perfectly. Therefore, the appropriate X-ray machine should be selected after carefully observing the special features and procedures as per the requirement.

What is the price of x-ray machine in Bangladesh?

Currently, X-ray machine price in Bangladesh is TK 8,50,000 which includes a special X-ray tube focus, an attached table, and a separate control system. Moreover, X-ray machine prices in BD vary based on the type of X-ray machine, X-ray tube, image quality, and various features. However, high quality X-ray machine is available between TK 8,00,000 and TK 10,00,000.