Telephone Set Price in Bangladesh

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Today's telephones are very different because over time many modern features have been added. There is no substitute for a telephone set as an intercom when it comes to home security. Certain benefits are available on land lines or telephones that are not available on mobiles. Now let's know the answers to all unknown questions about telephone:

How many types of telephones are available in Bangladesh?

There are two types of telephones available in the current market of Bangladesh, they are:

1. Cordless telephone set
2. Corded telephone set

What is the price of telephone in Bangladesh?

Telephone prices in Bangladesh start from Tk 700 which is a landline phone and can talk clearly. And sim phone price in Bangladesh is between Tk 2,000 and it has battery facility with LCD display.

What are the benefits of telephone sets?

1. Talk as much as you want with a landline telephone for a monthly fee.
2. Currently SIM supported telephones are available in Bangladesh with the help of which all numbers can be called.
3. Telephone or landline phones cost much less than all other phones.
4. Mobiles have a lot of network related issues and in many useful tasks the phone will run out of charge while talking but landline telephones are an exception.
5. Internet facility can also be taken with it.

Cordless or corded telephones are better?

Both cordless telephones and corded telephones are good in reality. Although slightly different in terms of service delivery, both are the best in their respective features. Although corded phones have been around for a long time, it is still a good idea to have at least one corded phone in your home in case of a power outage. Cordless phones also offer high quality voice and are easily portable. Some wireless ones have battery backup so you can talk even if the power goes out. And some cordless telephones have a base station and multiple phone phones so that one line can be used in many rooms. So choose which telephone you buy based on your work.