Rice Cooker Price in Bangladesh

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Rice Cooker Buying in Bangladesh

The most popular cooking device of recent times is the rice cooker which can easily cook any kind of rice perfectly. Currently, various brands of rice cookers including Vision, Panasonic, Philips, and LG are available in Bangladesh at an affordable price. Moreover, rice cookers of specific capacity can be procured from at a low price.

Why buy Rice Cooker?

1. Rice will Not Burn: If you cook rice using a rice cooker, the rice will never burn. Because, the rice cooker automatically switches to “keep warm” mode after the rice is cooked, thus keeping the rice warm without burning.

2. Perfect Rice Cooking: Using a rice cooker cooks perfect rice so you can be free from the worry of undercooked or overcooked rice. Moreover, cooking rice in a rice cooker gives the rice an aromatic and fluffy grain texture that makes the rice very tasty.

3. No Need for Monitoring: Cooking rice with a rice cooker eliminates the need to constantly monitor the cooker. Because a rice cooker can automatically cook perfect rice.

4. Cooking Different Types of Rice: Different types and varieties of rice can be cooked easily using an electric rice cooker. Even polao or basmati rice can easily be cooked using a rice cooker.

5. Delicious Rice: Cooking rice using a rice cooker makes rice very tasty. Because, cooking rice in a rice cooker, the rice absorbs all the water that is with it, so the rice is delicious as well as its nutritional value is correct.

6. Not Time-Consuming: Using a rice cooker can cook rice in less time, so the rice will be cooked in less time for unexpected guests. As a result, the use of rice cookers in Bangladesh is constantly increasing.

7. Keeps Rice Warm: Rice cooker has a “Keep Warm” mode that keeps rice warm after cooking and maintains the taste of hot rice until eating time.

8. Easy to Use: Rice cooker is very easy to use. All you have to do is start the rice cooker with just a small amount of rice and water and the rice will be cooked in no time.

9. Easy to Clean: As the rice cooker is easy to use, it is easy to clean after use. Hence, it can be said that it takes less time and labor to use and clean.

Before buying a Rice Cooker

  • Select a specific capacity rice cooker as per requirement.
  • Depending on how long it takes to cook rice, buy a specific model of rice cooker.
  • The rice cooker will be used constantly so its electric power consumption should be considered.
  • Rice cooker should be selected based on how long the “Keep Warm” mode can keep rice warm.
  • Before buying a rice cooker, one must consider its built body material.

What is the price of Rice Cooker in Bangladesh?

Rice cooker price in Bangladesh is based on brand, model, capacity, cooking time, maximum keep-warming capability, and quality. Currently, rice cooker price in Bangladesh starts from a minimum of Tk 2,500. On the other hand, one has to spend more than 4,000 taka to buy a good quality electric rice cooker in Bangladesh. Moreover, a rice cooker with a digital LED display is available which usually costs more than Tk 10,000.