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৳ 9,500
11 hours ago
DT-8809C Body Infrared Thermometer

LCD crystal digital display, ±0.2℃ accuracy, 34-42.9°C storage temperature, 15%-90% RH storage humidity,...

৳ 500
16 days ago
Digital Thermometer

Made in China. It uses in doctor room in factory.

৳ 1,500
3 days ago
Zeal PH1000 Higher Accuracy LED Digital Thermometer

Zeal PH1000 digital thermometer size 109 x 98 x 21mm, thermometer material ABS, range indoor -10~+50C, outdoor -...

৳ 1,200
12 days ago
Smart Sensor AR212 Handheld Probe-Type Digital Thermometer

Smart Sensor AR212 handheld probe-type digital thermometer has -50℃ ~ 300℃ measuring range, ±1℃ accuracy,...

৳ 950
5 days ago
Smart Sensor AR212 Digital Portable Probe-Type Thermometer

Smart Sensor AR212 digital probe-type thermometer has stainless steal probe, measuring range -50℃~300℃, digital...

৳ 550
1 day ago
HTC-1 Temperature & Humidity Meter with Clock

Multi-functional indoor therm-hygrometer, memory for recall maximum & minimum temperature with humidity, temperature...

৳ 10,500
13 days ago
Peakmeter PM6530D Infrared Temperature Meter

Color LCD display with backlit, laser targeting with circular range indicator, mildew alarm, temperature bridge alarm,...

৳ 15,750
9 hours ago
CEM DT-8806S Forehead Infrared Thermometer

Backlight LED display, 30°C to 42.5°C temperature range in body mode, 0ºC to 60ºC in surface mode, ±0.3°C...

৳ 15,500
7 days ago
Smart Sensor Non-Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer AS862A

Smart sensor non-contact digital infrared thermometer AS862A has infrared energy lens, smart infrared thermometer...

৳ 1,000
12 days ago
Smart Sensor AR867 Mini Digital Humidity Temperature Meter

Smart sensor AR867 mini digital humidity temperature meter has -10℃ ~ 50℃ indoor temperature measuring range,...

৳ 10,500
12 days ago
Temperature and Humidity Datalogger with Computer

Humidity range 0-100%RH, 45-75%RH:E3.0%RH humidity accuracy, -40C-70C temperature, LCD screen, 16000 data...

৳ 8,500
5 days ago
Smart Sensor AR847 Temperature Humidity Measuring Meter

Smart Sensor AR847 temperature and humidity meter has temperature measuring range -10°C~50°C, humidity measuring...

৳ 11,500
7 days ago
Suja SM-281 Temperature Datalogger

Directly connect with computer data exchange, easy operation, start / stop button, 16000 data recording capacity,...

৳ 2,500
16 days ago
Digital Probe Thermometer Food Meat Cooking Kitchen Sensor

Digital probe thermometer has food meat cooking kitchen sensor, multi-function instrument, built-in belt clip on back,...

৳ 4,500
10 days ago
Houzetek Pt3378 Digital Temperature Humidity Meter

Full color display with 3 different lighting, smart outdoor wireless sensor, power bank and double charging option, USB...

৳ 1,250
5 days ago
Suja SM-830 Thermo Hygrometer

Temperature accuracy +1.0 °C, -20~60 °C indoor / -50~100 °C out door temperature, 0.1°C resolution, °C/°F...

৳ 16,500
9 days ago
Univolt UT-01 Non Contact Thermometer Made in Japan

-50 ~ 500 °C (resolution 1 °C) / 58 ~ 932 °F (resolution 2° F) temperature measuring range, thermopile / silicon...

৳ 850
5 days ago
AR867 Humidity Temperature Meter

AR867 humidity temperature meter has -10℃~50℃ indoor temperature measuring range, -50℃~70℃ outdoor temperature...

৳ 1,900
10 days ago
Microcomputer Temperature Controller STC-9200

Microcomputer temperature controller STC-9200 has on / off control, touch switch, -50 to 90 ℃ measure range, -50 to...

৳ 300
3 months ago
HTC-1 Room Temperature and Humidity Meter with Time

HTC-1 room temperature and humidity meter with time features large character LCD display, easy to read; lower power...