Thermometer Price in Bangladesh

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There are very few people in the world who do not know a thermometer. It can be said that almost 100 percent of people in Bangladesh are familiar with thermometers. The function of thermometer is to measure temperature by adopting different processes. Currently, thermometers of various technologies are available in Bangladesh. And these different technology thermometers are used for different purposes. From health awareness to various commercial and research purposes, thermometers are available at BD Stall as per the need or demand.

How much does the thermometer cost?

The price in BD depends on what kind of thermometer it is and what the job is to be done, for example mercury thermometers are available in BD between 80-100 Taka for measuring simple fever. The price of a better quality thermometer will be 1200 to 1300 Tk. Also for temperature measurement there are various sensors which cost between 200 to 10,000 Taka. And various data loggers that cost around 2500 to 10,500 Taka. There are also imaging cameras that cost about the same in BD.

How many types of thermometers are there?

The thermometers available in Bangladesh are:

  • Mercury thermometer
  • Alcohol thermometer
  • Strip thermometer
  • Digital thermometer
  • Temporal artery thermometer
  • Timepanic or ear thermometer
  • Beckmann Thermometer
  • Bi-Metal Mechanical Thermometer
  • Air Temperature Thermometer
  • Probe Thermometer
  • Infrared Thermometer
  • Data Logger
  • Thermal Imaging Camera

These thermometers operate in different processes. It is possible to buy the right thermometer at a low price if you have a complete understanding of how these thermometers work and what a thermometer is used for. So below is a detailed discussion about the features and proper functionality of these:
Mercury thermometer: A widely used fever thermometer in Bangladesh. This thermometer is narrow in shape. This mercury thermometer is best used on the body. Many people put mercury thermometers in the mouth of children which should not be done because it can lead to various diseases if mercury thermometers are not used properly. So mercury thermometer should be used on the body. And care should be taken if it breaks, mercury should be removed without holding it with hands.

Alcohol Thermometer: Alcohol thermometer has an organic liquid glass bulb attached to it to measure body temperature. This thermometer is termed as an alternative to mercury thermometer. Because mercury works like a thermometer.

Strip Thermometer: A strip thermometer placed on the forehead will show the possible temperature of the body. These thermometers are very easy to use. This thermometer is more useful for children or adults. It should be remembered that the strip thermometer can show the possible temperature of the body only when used on the forehead.

Digital Thermometer: Digital thermometer is now popular in Bangladesh because it is environment friendly. It is also known as electronic thermometer in Bangladesh. It can be used on different parts of the body. It has an LCD display. It shows body temperature numbers on the LCD display within minutes of using it on the body.

Temporal Artery Thermometer: Uses infrared technology to measure body heat when held on the patient's forehead. These thermometers help in measuring the temperature accurately. From children to adults, this temporal artery thermometer is very useful for measuring fever.

TimePanic or Ear Thermometer: It is a special thermometer that is easily portable and provides accurate ear temperature. This thermometer can be used by people from 6 months old babies to old people. It has a tube on the front which, after being inserted into the ear for a few minutes, shows the correct temperature on the display inside. It must be wiped well after use.

Beckman Thermometer: Basically used to measure the difference between the temperature of one object and the temperature of another object. The Beckman differential thermometer is used commercially. Its presence is found in various labs, industrial establishments, medicine departments etc.

Bi-Metal Mechanical Thermometer: Heating a metallic object changes its shape. And this heat has to be given in different measure for different metals. The instrument used to measure this is called a bi-metallic mechanical thermometer. This thermometer is used in commercial work in Bangladesh.

Air Temperature Thermometer: This type of thermometer measures the temperature of the air. This thermometer helps to monitor the weather of an area. This also used mercury but nowadays digital air thermometers are available.

Probe Thermometer: A probe thermometer is a thermometer that has a fine metal stem on the head and can be inserted into any food. By using a probe thermometer to maintain the correct temperature of food, those at risk of food temperature illness may be better off.

Infrared Thermometer: An infrared thermometer is a thermometer that can detect the heat of an object or human body at a short distance using infrared technology. In Bangladesh they are called laser thermometer, non-contact thermometer, temperature gun.

Data Logger: A data logger is a special type of thermometer that can record the temperature of the environment at different times. It is widely used for environmental research.

Thermal Imaging Camera: This is a special type of camera that was initially used for military purposes but is now widely used for firefighting. It can detect any excess temperature using thermal imaging technology.