Testing Instrument

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15 hours ago
Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test Textile Machine

Farnsworth Munsell 100 hue test textile machine measures an individual's color vision, testing for type and degree of...

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14 hours ago
SDC Multifibre DW Fabric

Developed by the Society of Dyers & Colourists in 1986 SDC Multifibre DW is a testing fabric comprising of six...

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14 hours ago
Gray Scale ISO 105 A02

Gray scale ISO 105 A02 and Iso 105 A03 For assessing staining and assessing change in color iso-105 A02

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7 days ago
Digital Calipers Mitutoyo Japan

Digital calipers mitutoyo, 6", original made in Japan for textile insdustry.

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14 hours ago
SDC Color Change Assessing Greyscale for Fastness Test

SDC color change assessing Greyscale for color fastness test. It determines the changes in color of textiles in colour...

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13 hours ago
pH Indicator Sticks Clear Plastic Container for Laboratory

pH 1-14 indicator sticks for laboratory uses, clear plastic container includes 100 pH indicator sticks, color chart is...

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7 days ago
Vilene Bond Test Machine

Vilene bond test machine, up to 3 kg, made in Germany.

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14 hours ago
All-In-One Shrinkage Template and Scale

All-in-one shrinkage template and scale has calibrated measuring scale 1 nos, textile marker pen 1 nos, 250mm / 350mm /...

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15 hours ago
Shrinkage All-In-One Template and Scale

Shrinkage all-in-one template and scale has 250mm / 350mm / 500mm length between slot to slot, distance of scale...

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14 hours ago
Gester HTY-003B Digital Reeling Electronic Twist Tester

Gester HTY-003B digital reeling electronic twist tester has 10~500 mm selectable testing length, 1-999 testing range, 1...