Printer Price in Bangladesh 2023 & 2024 - Color, Laser

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Although the printer has not changed much in terms of design, it has changed a lot in terms of technology. Technology such as mobile printing options, wireless connectivity, NFC, etc. have made printers much more efficient. Before buying a printer, determine what the purpose of the printer is and who will use it. Moreover, the budget must be kept in mind so that you can buy the best model printer in BD.

What type of printer is best?

Laser printers are used to quickly print large amounts of document files at once. Laser printers are incomparable for high quality printing. Even with an inject printer, good quality pictures can be printed perfectly, but it takes a little longer to print a picture. Laser printers are good for those who need to print less because the ink does not dry easily due to laser technology but the ink of the inkjet printer dries easily if left unused. Inkjet printer is popular for its low cost.

Which printer can print at low cost?

If you need to print a lot of documents, then the black and white printer is the best because it has more capacity and the cost is much less due to printing more in less time. And color printing requires a color printer, but in that case an inkjet color printer will be affordable. However, with a photo printer, good quality pictures and drawings can be printed at low price.

What should be the budget to buy a printer?

You can get an all-in-one printer for Taka 6,000 which prints color and black with scan, copy function. It is suitable for all types of users. If you print only black, then the black and white laser printer price in Bangladesh is about 9,500 Taka. These are good for small businesses, stores. And a very good quality printer for a big office will cost at least 25,000 Taka and it will be better if you buy more expensive.

What other important features to look for?

Multi-function model: There is no printer that only prints at present. Buying a printer with a scanner makes it much easier to copy documents or create digital documents. You can purchase a multi-function printer for versatile use.
Connectivity: All types of printers can connect to a computer using a USB / Ethernet port. Models designed for office typically connect via Ethernet. There is no alternative of Wi-Fi to ensure maximum use of the printer. Wi-Fi will help you to easily use the printer so think carefully before buying a printer without Wi-Fi.

Mobile Printing: Even the most corporate-focused printers have not been able to meet the demand for mobile devices and have some form of mobile printing. Find apps for direct printing that work with Android, iOS and other mobile devices, or print via email (HP's Print and Google's Cloud Print) or third-party technology (Apple's Airprint). Using NFC allows you to pair your mobile device with a printer and instruct you to print using Wi-Fi and apps.

Paper Handling: Choose a printer that can hold more pages than you need to print daily. A personal printer can typically hold 100 to 150 pages in a single tray. Some printers have dedicated photo trays that reduce paper swapping. A business printer can hold a minimum of 250 pages and advanced model printers can typically hold 500 to 1000 pages. Printers with multiple paper trays are ideal for office use.
Duplexing: Two-sided printing or duplexing can halve your paper costs. Some printers have manual duplexing. Manual duplexing tells you how to rotate and reload the paper.

Paper size: A3 size paper cannot be printed with all types of printers. Before buying a printer, you have to decide with which type of paper size you will print A4 or A3.

Paper Tray: If you are a heavy user, you need a printer with a large tray. It is better to buy printers that are large in size. Otherwise work may be disrupted.

Memory: Printer memory is a very important issue. It depends on the type of work. If you want to work more with the printer, it will take more memory because all the print commands can be kept in memory.