HP Printer Price in Bangladesh 2023 & 2024

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HP printers are currently one of the best printers in Bangladesh. HP printers have been used in Bangladesh for a long time. Today's modern HP printers are winning the hearts of Bangladeshi customers by providing various benefits. HP's current printers can scan, copy, fax at high speed along with printing facilities.

Why buy HP printers?

There are some special reasons to buy an HP printer. Only HP printers offer exceptional benefits at a very low cost. The features of HP printers are mentioned below but the features may vary slightly depending on the model:

  • HP printers provide print, scan, copy, fax facilities at very low cost.
  • HP color printers are available at very low prices.
  • HP photo printers print photos in very high quality resolution.
  • Even low cost HP printers have very high resolution.
  • Ink consumption is very low in HP printers.
  • HP printers can print for many days with one cartridge.
  • Some current HP printers can also fax in color mode.
  • HP printers have duplex facility.
  • An HP printer can hold a lot of paper at once because of the sturdy trays included.
  • All paper sizes are supported by HP printers.
  • HP printers have various modern connectivity facilities. For example, there are wireless or WiFi connectivity, USB, VGA, HDMI ports.

What is the resolution of the HP printer?

HP printers have high quality resolution. However, if HP printers have facilities like print, copy, scan and fax, those HP printers use the same resolution for all purposes, but many printers use different resolutions.

Copy Resolution: HP printers usually copy at 600 x 300 dpi resolution. Some HP printers print at higher quality resolution.

Printing Resolution: HP printers have excellent printing resolution. Very cheap HP printers have the advantage of printing in 1200 x 1200 dpi black and white mode which is quite clear. In terms of color printing, 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution can be printed on HP printers for very little money.

Scan resolution: HP printer provides 1200 dpi resolution facility for scanning in both black and white or color modes. As a result, if anything is scanned, it can be clearly seen when scanned.

Do HP printers overheat while scanning, copying and printing?

HP printers do not heat up while scanning, copying and printing because HP printers that can scan, copy and print use powerful motherboards and various components so HP printers do not heat up.

What is the cost of ink in HP printers?

Ink consumption in HP printers is very low. High-quality HP printer cartridges are used in HP printers, so many pages can be printed, copied at once with less ink.

What is the price of HP printer in Bangladesh?

HP printer price in Bangladesh starts from just Tk 7,100. This printer is called HP All in One Printer. It can print, scan and copy at very fast speeds in black and white as well as in color mode. Also there are different types of HP printers in Bangladesh. HP printer price in Bangladesh is determined by printer technology, print quality, resolution and other features.

What is the price of HP wireless printer in Bangladesh?

As low as Tk 9,000 HP printers come with Wi-Fi facility which is the most preferred thing among customers. Print, copy, scan directly from the mobile with the help of HP Wi-Fi printer.