Microwave Oven

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৳ 10,500
3 days ago
Sharp R-72A1-SM-V 25L Stainless Body Grill Microwave Oven

Sharp R-72A1MV microwave oven has 25 litter capacity, auto mode, easy option for grill, 220-240 volt supported, 900...

৳ 11,000
1 hour ago
Panasonic Straight Grill Microwave Oven NN-SM332M 25 Liter

Panasonic straight grill microwave oven NN-SM332M has 25 liters capacity, mechanical operation, silver color door,...

৳ 13,500
2 days ago
Astra 30L Combi Grill and Microwave Oven

Astra 30L combo microwave and grill oven has digital control, LED display, auto menu, kitchen timer, 30sec express...

৳ 12,500
1 hour ago
Panasonic NN-SM33HM 25L 4 Cooking Mode Microwave Oven

Panasonic NN-SM33HM microwave oven has simple and stylish design, 4 cooking modes, 25 liter capacity, 800W micro power,...

৳ 7,000
4 months ago
Sharp R213CST 20 Liter Microwave Oven

Basic touch control, pull door, LED display, modern oven with simple knobs, low power consumption.