Microwave Oven Price in Bangladesh

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Nowadays microwave oven is an important electronic device in every household. Especially housewives like microwave oven the most because it can reduce cooking work in the household. Also, microwave oven is the most favorite electronic device for those who love to cook. Moreover, it is widely used for heating food in homes as well as in many businesses and shops. And its usefulness in winter can be seen a lot in the cities of Bangladesh.

What is the price of microwave oven in Bangladesh?

The price of microwave ovens in Bangladesh starts from just 7,900 Tk and can be found at much higher prices. The lowest priced ovens have temperature control options ranging from 100 degrees Celsius to 250 degrees Celsius. As a result, food can be cooked very quickly with this oven. This microwave oven automatically switches off after 60 minutes to avoid electrical accidents. It also has a capacity of 38 liters. However, if you want to buy convection microwave oven with grill facility, the price will be more than 10,000 Taka. There are also many types of ovens available in Bangladesh. Basically the price of microwave oven in Bangladesh is determined by their brand, model, technology, capacity and other features.

How many types of microwave ovens are available in Bangladesh?

There are two types of microwave ovens available in Bangladesh. These are:

  • Convection microwave oven
  • Solo microwave oven

Convection microwave ovens: Convection microwave ovens work in both modes i.e. apart from the microwave it has a heating element that generates heat and the heat is distributed evenly with the help of a fan. In Bangladesh it is called grill microwave oven.

Solo Microwave Ovens: Solo microwaves are used for heating food using microwaves.

How do I choose a microwave oven in Bangladesh?

In the selection of microwave oven in Bangladesh, one should know about its capacity, working mode, operating power, energy saving, other features. Below are the details for the convenience of customers:


  • If the number of family members is 2 to 4, then 20 to 25 liter capacity microwave oven should be selected.
  • If the number of family members is 4 to 6 people, 25 to 30 liter capacity oven should be selected.
  • If the number of family members is more than 30 liter capacity microwave oven should be selected.

Type of work:

  • Before buying an oven, you need to know what benefits you want to get from the oven, that is, you need to select a microwave oven based on the type of work. In case of personal use i.e. if you want to buy a microwave oven for home use or if you want to buy a microwave oven only for the purpose of heating food, you have to buy a solo microwave oven.
  • If you want to buy for a restaurant or hotel for business work, you must buy convection microwave oven. Because with its help food can be heated and many foods can be cooked quickly. Like: Chicken Grill, Beef Curry etc. However, nowadays convection microwave ovens are also being used at home for personal use.

Management Power:

  • Choose a microwave oven knowing how much energy it consumes to operate it.
  • Energy efficient microwave ovens are now available in Bangladesh at very low prices which can provide best performance with low power consumption.
  • A touch of modernization is adding a feature to today's microwave ovens which is the Auto Power Off mode. With this, after a certain period of time, the automatic power will be turned off, thus avoiding various electrical accidents very easily.

What features are being added to current microwave ovens?

Today's microwave ovens are adding features that help make cooking easier and safer. These features are:

Rotating tray:

Every oven brand today is adding rotating trays to their ovens. Because with the help of a rotating tray, the food placed in the oven rotates during heating, so the food is heated evenly from all sides.

Quick Key?

Quick Key provides quick cooking or reheating of food in microwave oven. This quick key provides special services when food needs to be heated or cooked in an emergency. This is a favorite function especially for those who use the oven for business purposes.

Shortcut Key?

Shortcuts can make popcorn, frozen vegetables, pasta, or other popular dishes look great.

Child Lock:

The child lock function is very important because children at home often open the oven door without realizing it and hot food can fall on them and burn them. But if there is a child lock function, a lock can be placed on the oven door so that the oven door does not open even if children pull on it.