pH Meter Price in Bangladesh

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PH Meter Buying in Bangladesh

pH meter is a type of scientific device that is primarily used to measure the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. The pH meter basically measures the difference between the internal electrode of the pH probe and the reference electrode from the hydrogen ions present in the product, soil, and water. The voltage is then converted to a pH value and shown on the display. In Bangladesh, pH meter is widely used for product quality control, and soil and water quality monitoring in agriculture. Currently, various brands of pH meter including Hanna, Ezodo, Takemura, Noyafa, and Nice is available at an affordable price in Bangladeshi market.

What type of pH meter is available in Bangladesh?

Portable pH Meter: Portable pH meter with compact size, handheld, waterproof, and durable design. This type of pH meter is generally suitable for agriculture, environmental monitoring, and water quality monitoring.

Benchtop pH Meter: Benchtop pH meter is made with a large display, advanced features, and an additional electrode probe for accurate measurement. This type of pH meter is used in laboratory research work, which provides high accuracy.

Multiparameter pH Meter: Multiparameter pH meter is available at an affordable price in Bangladesh, capable of measuring temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and ion concentration, etc. This type of pH meter is ideal for various scientific research as well as water quality monitoring.

Also, various types of pH meters are available in Bangladesh on low budget including digital pen-type pH meters, pocket pH meters, and pH test strips as per user requirements.

How much does pH meter cost?

The price of pH meter usually varies depending on the brand, features, quality, and electrode probe. Currently, the price of pH meter in Bangladesh starts from Tk 450, including a digital LCD display and pen-type pH meter. Portable or handheld pH meter with high accuracy is available on a budget of Tk 2,200 to Tk 6,500. Also, pH meter with advanced features suitable for laboratory research, and industrial use, higher accuracy rates, and compatibility with various electrode probes cost more than Tk 8,000 in Bangladesh.

What is the price of pH strip in Bangladesh?

The pH strip is mainly used to monitor water, acid as well as product quality, and environmental conditions in industrial plants. This type of strip considers product value by 0-14 index values. It is also known as pH test paper strip in BD. PH paper strip is available in a budget of Tk 200 to Tk 550 in Bangladesh.

What is pH meter used for?

Different pH meter is commonly used to measure water and soil in agriculture, acids and processed foods in laboratories, and humidity and pollution levels in the environment. A pH meter used to monitor water quality is usually available in Bangladesh within a budget of Tk 450 to Tk 600. The price of pH meter used for soil monitoring ranges from Tk 700 to Tk 6,500. Also, pH meter used for monitoring environmental conditions and product quality in an industrial plant is available in Bangladesh with a budget of Tk 8,000 to Tk 28,000.

What to look for before buying a pH meter?

Display: When taking measurement readings on the pH meter, check whether it has a backlit or large display to provide clear and low-light viewing.
Accuracy: Choose a pH meter with a high accuracy rate to ensure accurate and reliable measurement of the sample solution.
Quality electrode: Checking the quality of pH electrode is very important for accurate measurement. So before buying a pH meter one should check if it comes with a durable and reliable electrode probe.
Measuring Range: The pH meter has to be verified to have a measuring range as required for testing different types of samples.
Temperature Reading: pH meter readings may be lower or higher due to temperature variations. Therefore, before purchasing a pH meter, one must check whether the sample reading can be taken at different temperatures by inputting the temperature manually.

Best pH Meter Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best ph meter list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best ph meter list has been created based on the interest for ph meter buyers of BD Stall.

pH Meter Model Price in BD
VT-05 Soil pH and Moisture Meter ৳ 1,800
Soil Survey PH Meter 4-in-1 Instrument for Plants ৳ 1,350
Hanna HI98107 pHep Waterproof Tester Meter ৳ 7,000
Clean PH500 Basic 2.00 - 16.00 pH Range Benchtop Meter ৳ 28,500
Merck 0-14 PH Indicator Strips ৳ 680
Ezodo PH-5011 Digital Pocket PH Meter ৳ 4,500
3-in-1 Soil pH Tester / Moisture / Light Meter ৳ 750
5-in-1 Water Quality Testing Meter ৳ 2,500
PH-3508 TDS / EC / pH / Temperature Meter ৳ 6,500
PH30 Ph Tester LCD Backlight Display 3 Calibration Point ৳ 8,500