Air Cooler Price in Bangladesh 2023 & 2024

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Bangladesh is a summer country where most people uses fan in summer season. An air cooler is a type of fan that is another low cost method of cooling a room. It evaporates cold water into the air and mixes it with the air and thus removes some heat so it is sometimes called evaporated air cooler. It can reduce temperatures by 5° to 15°F during the dry season. Some tips for buying the right air cooler in BD according to the size of the room.

What features are essential for air cooler?

1. Select the cooling type: A mini air cooler may be the best choice for a cheap price but it can only cool one person at a time. Whereas a room cooler can cool the entire room.

2. Check the water tank: 15 liters is enough for small rooms and 25 liters for large rooms. But the bigger the water tank the better. Also, check the autofill function as it will provide easy maintenance.

3. Ice chamber: If there is an additional ice chamber, ice cubes can easily be added to this chamber to cool the water very quickly.

4. Cooling pad: The quality of the cooling pad is also important so make sure that the cooling pad can be easily cleaned and it is durable.

5. Power: Power consumption is an important issue especially for Bangladesh. If the air cooler uses less energy then the monthly cost will be much less.

How much does a good air cooler cost in BD?

The air cooler price in BD around Taka 1,200 which is a mini air cooler and suitable for one person. If you want to cool the whole room effectively, the air cooler in BD will cost at least Taka 13,000 and this air cooler has many additional features and the speed of the cooling fan will be good. The price of an air cooler usually depends on the size of the cooler, the evaporation capacity and the amount of air flow and sometimes the brand.

What additional features are important?

Some features are also important which are usually found in larger sized air coolers but can also be found in smaller sizes.

Oscillation function: It works side by side, up and down or in both directions which helps distribute air evenly throughout. It is important where many people live in the same room that everyone has access to fresh air.

Air volume: Check the air volume size of the air cooler. The more the better.

Turbo Blower: Some air coolers come with turbo blowers that can provide strong air when needed.

Evaporative capacity: This will determine how quickly the room can be cooled. The hottest season in Bangladesh is hot and humid. Thus, the higher the evaporation capacity, the better.

Fragrance Function: Some air coolers in BD have this fragrance function where nice scent or perfume can be added.

Display: LCD display provides many conveniences to view and control settings.

Timer: This function is essential if you want to run the cooler for a certain period of time. It will turn off automatically after the set time.

Noise level: It is important otherwise the sound of the fan can disturb sleep. If you have children in the house, buy a low noise air cooler fan.