Safety Helmet Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Safety Helmet Buying in Bangladesh

Safety helmet is a protective hard hat designed to protect the heads of individuals working in hazardous environments. This type of helmet is made up of an internal suspension system, adjustable straps, and cushioning pads that ensure a safe and comfortable fit for the user. Safety helmet plays an important role in reducing risks in Bangladesh's construction, manufacturing, and transportation industries. Currently, various Chinese brands of helmets including Crown, Safeguard, Karam, EHBL, and RFL is available at low price in BD.

Why use safety helmet?

1. The primary purpose of safety helmet is to protect the user's head from accidents in industries, workplaces, and motorcycling.

2. Safety helmet prevents accidental head injuries from equipment or construction materials when working at great heights in construction sites or factories.

3. Safety helmet helps protect workers from electric shocks, burns, and other electrical-related injuries.

4. Safety helmet protects against head injuries caused by slips or accidental falls while working in liquid-based FMCG or chemical units.

5. Protects workers from the harmful rays of the sun on outdoor construction sites such as roads, houses, or industrial plants.

6. Affordable safety helmet in Bangladesh provides adequate ventilation and keep workers comfortable.

7. Safety helmet is available in a variety of colors with reflective strips so workers can be quickly found in low light or busy work environments.

How much does a safety helmet cost?

The price of safety helmet usually varies depending on the brand, quality, and features. Safety helmet price in BD starts from as low as Tk 130 which is made of MOC fiber plastic and is an ideal helmet for construction workers. Besides, safety helmet with adjustable suspension systems, ventilation, and improved impact resistance is available in Bangladesh within the budget of Tk 250 to Tk 400.

What to look for before buying a safety helmet?

  • Heavy helmet can cause discomfort and fatigue during heavy use, so before purchasing a safety helmet, check whether it will be light in weight and comfortable.
  • Check whether the outer shell of the safety helmet is made of HDPE, polycarbonate, or other impact-resistant materials.
  • Ensure that there are compatible straps and cushioning pads that will provide a secure and comfortable fit to the user.
  • When working in hot or humid environments, safety helmets should be checked before purchase to ensure adequate ventilation.
  • Ensure that there is a secure and adjustable chain strap so that it does not come off the head during work or in the event of an accident.
  • Safety helmets must be verified to meet ANSI/ISEA, EN, and CSA safety standards and certifications before use in manufacturing, and construction work.
  • High-visibility colored helmets should be considered depending on the work environment.
  • It should be checked whether the helmet is durable and able to withstand working environments such as chemicals and UV radiation.