Conference System

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৳ 39,100
2 days ago
TOA TS-770 Digital Office Conference Unit

Amplifier / chairman unit, delegate unit, central unit sound can transmit to another speaker by adding extra amplifier...

৳ 5,200
1 day ago
Htdz HT-350d High Sensitivity Office Conference System

Red indicator light, -42 ±2dB sensitivity, up to 20 - 120 cm sound receiving distance, 40Hz - 16000Hz frequency...

৳ 55,000
13 days ago
ITC TS-0604M Discussion and Voting Conference Controller

ITC TS-0604M conference system controller for discussion and voting function, one controller support for 128 units,...

৳ 26,500
1 day ago
Bosch CCS-1000 Digital Audio Conference System

Cable lock facility, GSM immune. This conference system also has built-in loudspeaker, possible-to-speak indicator,...

৳ 180,000
5 days ago
Aircom AW CCU200 Wireless Conference System

Aircom AW CCU200 wireless conference system has control processor, USB recording, advanced noise cancellation...

৳ 21,500
1 day ago
Bosch CCS-900 Ultro Compact Full Featured Discussion System

Bosch CCS 900 ultro discussion system is a compact and full-featured meeting solution, has a new feature patent-pending...

৳ 90,000
16 days ago
Bosch DCNM-WD Dual Use Wireless Conference System

Bosch DCNM-WD wireless conference system has single use, / dual use, audio mute button, 2.4 GHz - 5 GHz frequency, ...

৳ 38,500
2 months ago
TOA TS-770 Digital Conference System

Digital conference system is very easy to operate, ideal for any kinda of meeting and Up to 70 chairperson / delegate...

৳ 135,000
2 months ago
Video Conference System Yealink in Bangladesh

Yealink VC120 video conference system has 18x optical zoom PTZ web camera, microphone arrays with 360 degree voice...

৳ 66,000
4 months ago
Htdz HT-3000 Conference System with Central Amplifier

Htdz HT-3000 conference system has central amplifier, built-in monitor with loudspeaker, electric capacity type...

৳ 7,200
4 months ago
Htdz HT-350d Built-In Monitor Office Conference System

Htdz HT-350d office conference system has 40Hz - 16000Hz frequency response, up to 20 - 120 cm sound receiving...

৳ 42,000
2 months ago
Grandstream GAC-2500 6-Line Android Audio Conference System

Grandstream GAC-2500 audio conference system has 6 lines, 6 SIP accounts, 7-way voice conferencing, Android 4.4...

৳ 290,000
2 months ago
Grandstream GVC3200 Full HD 9 Way Video Conference System

Grandstream GVC3200 video conference system has 9 way video conferences, full HD video resolution, 3 monitor output, 3...

৳ 21,600
4 months ago
Bosch Meeting Room CCS 900 Ultro Conference System

Bosch meeting room CCS 900 ultro conference system has CCS‑CU control unit, CCS‑CMx chairman unit, CCS‑Dx...