Video & Audio Conference System Price Bangladesh

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Conference System Buying in Bangladesh

The use of conference system can be seen in various places of Bangladesh, meeting rooms, auditoriums, parliament buildings, meeting rooms of various companies. Various meeting speeches are presented with the help of conference system. Basically conference system is used for multiple people so that their speech can be heard by everyone present in the meeting. Conference systems are of two types, one is video conference system and another is audio conference system. Both types of conference systems are available in Bangladesh.

What is the conference system?

A conference system is a medium that conveys the words of multiple individuals to different people. Conference system works in audio and video mode. A conference system is basically composed of several devices. Some of these devices are microphones, speakers, cables, central units, etc.

What is audio conference system?

Audio conference system means that the conference system is conducted only through audio. That is, there is no camera presence. All the internal activities of an organization are discussed in this audio conference system. Audio conference can be seen in schools, colleges, factories, business establishments, in different places of Bangladesh. Full sets of audio conferencing are available in Bangladesh at very low prices.

What does a conference system consist of?

A conference system can never be complete without three components. These are: microphones, controllers and access points for wireless conferencing. There are 2 types of audio conference microphones. These are:

  •   Chairman unit microphone
  •   Delegate unit microphone

Chairman Unit Microphone:

Chairman unit microphone is basically used for one person. When the head of many organizations speaks, there is a microphone in front of him and only he speaks, while the rest of the officials listen. The microphone used for speaking is basically the chairman unit microphone. A chairman microphone has 2 buttons that other microphones do not have. Chairman microphone price in Bangladesh is very cheap.

Delegate Unit Microphone:

This microphone is intended for use by multiple persons. The delegate unit microphone has 1 button. Delegate unit microphones are widely used in Bangladesh Sangsad Bhaban, various government or private institutions.


The controller basically helps to supply power to the microphone. Both chairman and delegate unit microphones are controlled with the controller. However, the microphone must be used according to the brand of the control unit to be used.

Access Point:

Access points are used to connect other microphones to a control unit in a wireless conference unit.

What is the price of conference system in Bangladesh?

Conference system prices in Bangladesh start from just Tk 35,000. It is a wireless technology conference system. It has various other benefits. The price of a conference system depends on its brand, technology, microphone and other features.

Why is video conferencing done?

The main reason for video conferencing is to present your words to more people in a short time. Video conference is the process of conducting speech or virtual meeting with the help of different cameras. It consists of video conferencing with microphones as well as central units, webcams or other cameras and other equipment.

What are the advantages of the conference system?

Conference systems have many advantages. Its advantages are mentioned below:

1. With the help of conferencing, the speech can be presented very nicely to multiple people.

2. Important issues can be discussed in a short time keeping the pace of the conference. Having a microphone at everyone's table allows everyone to speak without interruption, reducing time wastage and maintaining the beauty of the meeting.

3. Important meetings can be spread abroad in a very short time through video conferencing.

4. The concerned officials of an industrial organization can discuss the profit, loss, steps etc. of their organization through audio conference and move forward for the success of the organization through audio conference.

5. The conference system has some features like muting, volume adjustment, speaking time control, voting system etc. With the help of these features, many useful functions can be done with the help of conference system.