Magnifying Glass Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Magnifying Glass Buying in Bangladesh

Magnifying glass is a type of simple optical device. As it is mainly made of a convex lens, small and delicate objects are easily seen in large sizes. Magnifying glass helps to identify specimens and details, especially in scientific research and education. In addition, magnifying glass has become very popular in Bangladesh due to its affordable price, besides helping to accurately repair jewelry, watches, and electronic devices.

Why buy Magnifying Glass?

  • Magnifying glass is essentially an optical device that allows any object to be seen larger and clearer. This type of glass helps visually impaired or low vision people to read small text or observe fine details of objects.
  • Small fonts in books, newspapers, magazines, and other textbooks help people with presbyopia or other vision problems to read easily and comfortably with a magnifying glass.
  • Magnifying glass is commonly used for close inspection and examination of various objects. Also, it helps observe intricate details of objects that cannot be seen with the naked eye.
  • Magnifying glass is often used to detect counterfeit money, forged documents, or forged signatures. In addition, it can accurately detect fine details such as watermarks, microprinting, or irregularities.
  • Magnifying glass is usually compact, light in weight, and easy to carry. Moreover, the price of magnifying glass in BD is comparatively much lower than other optical devices such as microscopes or telescopes.
  • Magnifying glass plays a useful role in making models of precious tools, jewelry making, painting, embroidery, and other intricate work accurately.
  • It is generally widely used in laboratory and scientific research. Moreover, magnifying glass helps teachers and researchers to observe microscopic organisms.
  • Also, in agriculture, magnifying glass helps in identifying various crop pests.
  • Moreover, magnifying glass reduces eye strain when reading or observing for long periods.

How much does Magnifying Glass cost?

Magnifying glass price in BD starts at Tk 299 which is perfect for reading documents, maps, and web pages. Moreover, magnifying glass price in BD usually varies depending on the glass size, magnification power, handle, and stand among other factors. Magnifying glass with indicator pin and LED light is available between Tk 650 and Tk 1,000 budget in Bangladesh.

Things to check while buying Magnifying Glass

Magnification Power: Magnifying glass is generally available in different magnification powers like 2X, 3X, and 5X to a maximum of 45X power. So while buying a magnifying glass, it is necessary to consider the type of work and the need to get the appropriate magnification.

Quality of Lens: The lens of a magnifying glass is a very important part. So check that the lens is clean and scratch-free. However, choosing an achromatic lens when buying a magnifying glass
good Because with a magnifying glass with this type of lens, any subject can be seen more clearly and sharply.

Lens Size: The size of the lens mainly affects the field of view and the amount of light entering the magnifying glass. Moreover, the larger lens helps to create large-scale and detailed details of basically any subject, or object. However, magnifying glass with a large lens is usually heavy and cannot usually be carried.

Comfortable Design: In addition to design considerations, comfortable handle grips should be considered when purchasing a magnifying glass. As a result, there will be less stress on the hand during long use. Also, size and weight should be considered in buying the right magnifying glass according to preference and need.

Lighting options: Some magnifying glass have built-in lighting facilities, which meet the need for additional light for observation work. Therefore, it is necessary to verify whether the magnifying glass has LED lights as required for observation and analysis.

Other Feature: Some magnifying glass have additional features such as adjustable focus, folding mechanism, or built-in stand for hands-free use. As a result, the price of magnifying glass tends to be slightly higher. So it is better to check whether these features are necessary before buying a magnifying glass.