Desktop PC Price in Bangladesh 2022 & 2023

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A desktop PC is a personal computer that can be used in a specific place for everyday work. Desktop PC usually refers to a combination of monitor, keyboard, mouse and a CPU. With which all kinds of work is possible. Now there are different types of desktop PCs in Bangladesh based on different functions and price range. Let's take a look at what kind of desktop PC for any work.

What is the cheapest PC for Online Class?

Internet-based studies have increased to avoid coronary (Covid-19) infections. The desired device such as desktop PC is more needed in online based learning as it can be made according to one's own budget. Students have to install or download books, so it is better to have at least 500 GB hard disk and 4 GB RAM. Also a 19-inch monitor is better. The lowest budget should be 10,000 to 12,000 Taka for online class.

What should be the configuration for Outsourcing PC?

The best way to outsource is to get a good quality PC at low cost. You can take Core i3 or Core i5 PC depending on your type of work. If you take Core i5, then take SSD with you because you will get good performance.

What type of PC can run Graphics Software?

A powerful desktop PC is needed for graphics design work. Therefore, it is better to have a high quality processor such as Intel Core i5 or i7. The more RAM there is, the more work processing there will be, so it would be better to use a minimum of 8 GB RAM to increase the efficiency of the processor. Photoshop is a very popular software in graphic design and requires more memory to run Photoshop. 21-24 inch monitors are better if the minimum dimensions are 1920 x 1200 pixels. You can get 128 GB SSD for the operating system to make the PC work faster, then the PC will run much faster.

Is there any special PC required for Engineering Work?

Engineering work requires a lot of software. This requires a high configuration PC. It is also possible to work with a mid-range PC, but it must have a powerful processor and motherboard.

What is the best PC for playing latest games?

High performance PC is required to play the latest games with faster response. Latest generation Core i7 along with 4GB or more dedicated graphics card are recommended. Hybrid stroage will be added an advantage so the combination of 256 GB SSD and 4TB hard disk will give a boost in PC performance. Gaming motherboard, extra CPU cooler, memory cooler, gaming power unit might also be required for getting highest performance.

What should be the budget to buy a PC?

The desktop PC price in Bangladesh starts from Taka 10,000 which is good for basic computing like Internet browsing, audio and video, text editing and similar tasks. However, if you are a professional, the price of the PC will be a little higher, such as 20,000 Taka or more, then you can buy a good quality desktop PC from the market in BD. Some PCs are available at even lower prices if you buy the CPU only. Let's look at some PC configurations according to the budget, it will get a good idea and the price ratio in the market of Bangladesh may be more or less.

8000 to 10,000 Taka: Dual core or Core i3 PC will be available with 4 GB RAM, built-in graphics card, general monitor. These budget PCs are within the purchasing power of everyone and are ideal for students and can easily take online classes.

20,000 Taka: If you buy a PC at this price, you will get a maximum of 5 generations with the processor Intel's Core i5. With which you can do office work quickly and easily. Any work of general outsourcing can be done.

30,000 Taka: If you buy a desktop PC in this budget, you will get a good quality desktop PC. With this, the eighth generation Intel's Core i5 and Core i7 will be available with which any work can be done effortlessly. This type of PC will work well for engineering work.

40,000 Taka: High configuration desktop PCs are available. With it any complex work can be done very easily. It will have the latest version processor and hard disk. You need to buy a PC on this budget to do programming and graphics work.

Which CPU to choose for PC?

It depends on the type of work and the current price of the CPU. Core i3 PC is more popular with budget buyers. Core i5 PC provides good performance for most applications. Core i7 PC is ideal for high performance.