Core i3 PC Price in Bangladesh

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Intel Core I3 Desktop Pc Buying in Bangladesh

In today's digital Bangladesh, personal computers have become an integral part of people's daily lives. Recently, Intel Core i3 PCs have become very popular among students and general users. Nowadays 1st to 13th generation Core i3 desktops are available in Bangladesh at low prices. Moreover, the RAM and storage of Core i3 PCs can be changed and expanded according to the needs.

What is the price of Core i3 PC in Bangladesh?

Core i3 desktop PC is currently available in BD in both new and used condition. Core i3 PC price in Bangladesh starts at TK 7,500 which has 2nd or 3rd generation Core i3 processors, up to 4GB of RAM, 120GB of SSD storage, and is in new condition. However, increasing the budget a bit can fetch an updated generation Core i3 PC with proportionately more RAM and storage. Also, used condition Core i3 desktop price is determined based on RAM, storage, and processor generation. However, the 11th, 12th, and 13th generation of Core i3 PCs tend to be more expensive in Bangladesh.

Why use Core i3 PC?

Core i3 PCs are one of the best for regular official work management and entertainment OTT platform usage. And, Core i3 PC is especially suitable for computer training of students and for developing any new skills.

Budget-Friendly: Core i3 PC processor has gained huge popularity in Bangladesh due to its ability to fit all kinds of budgets based on generation. School and college students in particular pick up affordable Core i3 PC for online classes and skill enhancement.

Processor Generation: Phased from 1st generation to 13th generation processor Core i3 PC is available in Bangladesh. Core i3 desktop PC can usually be setup by selecting RAM, storage, and processor generation as needed.

Energy Efficiency: Core i3 PC generates relatively less heat resulting in less power consumption which is one of its special features.

RAM & Storage: Core i3 PCs can be upgraded with RAM and storage as per the processor generation. However, RAM and storage cannot be added more than the capacity of the motherboard.

Besides, the Core i3 PC is sufficient for daily tasks such as simple e-mail management for official work, saving of files on XL seats, Facebook marketing, etc.

Is Core i3 PC good for gaming?

PC games can be played very easily through 12th generation processor PC. Besides, the 12th generation Core i3 PC is known as the most affordable gaming PC available today.

Is graphics design possible with a Core i3 PC?

Graphics design work can be done through Core i3 PC. However, professional graphics and video editing tasks will require a separate graphics card.

Best Intel Core i3 Desktop PC Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best intel core i3 desktop pc list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best intel core i3 desktop pc list has been created based on the interest for intel core i3 desktop pc buyers of BD Stall.

Intel Core i3 Desktop PC Model Price in BD
Desktop PC Core i3 4th Gen 4GB RAM 500GB HDD 17" Monitor ৳ 11,500
Dell OptiPlex 7010 Core i3 13th Gen Tower PC ৳ 56,200
Desktop Core i3 4th Gen 8GB RAM 120GB SSD ৳ 8,140
Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 3 24IAP7 Core i3 12th 1TB SSD ৳ 70,000
Desktop PC Core i3 4th Gen 4GB RAM / 500GB HDD ৳ 7,500
HP Pro Tower 290 G9 Core i3 12th Gen 8GB RAM PC ৳ 51,500
Desktop Core i3 7th Gen 128GB SATA SSD PC ৳ 11,500
Desktop PC Core i3 7th Gen 20" LED 8GB RAM / 1TB HDD ৳ 21,500
Desktop PC Core i5 7th Gen 2O" LED 256GB SSD / 16GB RAM ৳ 22,500
Desktop PC Core i3 8th Gen 8GB RAM 19" LED Monitor ৳ 18,500