Swimming Pool Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Swimming Pool Buying in Bangladesh

Swimming pool is an artificial tank or basin made of polyvinyl chloride, plastic and other strong materials. In the hot and humid climate of Bangladesh, keeping water in the swimming pool can create a comfortable environment. It is suitable for swimming and recreational use from children to adults.. Currently, ready-made swimming pool of various sizes and shapes including baby swimming pool, portable swimming pool, inflatable swimming pool are available at affordable price in Bangladesh.

Facility to use Swimming Pool

1. Infant swimming pool designed for children offer consistent depth, which is safe enough for toddlers and children. Also, this type of swimming pool has an infantile frame that prevents accidental injuries to children.

2. Portable swimming pool is quite easy to move as well as set up. Moreover, this type of swimming pool setup does not require permanent space.

3. Also, being light in weight, swimming pool is an ideal for easy use in homes or residential areas. This type of pool can be easily set up and used anywhere depending on the weather or preference.

4. Swimming pool is available in different sizes, colors and attractive designs. For example, mini size swimming pool for children as well as large swimming pool for adults are available at affordable price in Bangladesh. As a result, it can be used by people of any age from children to families.

5. Also, swimming pool plays an effective role in encouraging children to swim at a young age and in treating physical problems such as injuries and muscle pain in adults.

Price of Swimming Pool

Swimming pool price in Bangladesh starts from 650 BDT which is suitable for children up to 4 years old. Moreover, swimming pool price in Bangladesh usually varies depending on the size, design, construction material and other features.

Baby Swimming Pool

Baby swimming pool is usually small in size and shallow. It is mainly designed to entertain kids. The baby swimming pool is made of durable plastic and inflatable material, which is easy to carry. Besides, this type of swimming pool is relatively easy to set up. It provides a safe and controlled environment for babies to develop an affinity with water. Baby swimming pool is available between 600 BDT to 2,000 BDT in Bangladesh.

Inflatable Swimming Pool

This type of swimming pool is the most affordable option for family members. Inflatable swimming pool is usually made of durable material, which can be easily expanded with air. This type of pool is available in various sizes and attractive shapes, that is suitable for both children and adults. Currently, the price of inflatable swimming pool starts from 2,600 BDT in Bangladesh.

Portable Swimming Pool

Portable swimming pool is mainly suitable for limited space use in residential areas in Bangladesh. This type of swimming pool is made of strong material, resin frame and waterproof liner. Moreover, portable swimming can be easily assembled and disassembled. Depending on the size and quality, portable swimming pool is available between 3,000 BDT to 8,000 BDT in Bangladesh.

Also, a wide variety of ready-made swimming pool including mini swimming pool, balloon swimming pool, and large swimming pool made of plastic are available at affordable price on the popular marketplace

Best Swimming Pool Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best swimming pool list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best swimming pool list has been created based on the interest for swimming pool buyers of BD Stall.

Swimming Pool Model Price in BD
Inflatable Swimming Pool Adults & Kids ৳ 3,200
Rectangle Inflatable Swimming Pool for Kids ৳ 2,600
Intex Inflatable 5 Feet Swimming Pool ৳ 2,180
Intex Baby Swimming Pool ৳ 2,580
PVC Material Inflatable Swimming Pool ৳ 8,600
Intex Inflatable Floor Portable Swimming Pool ৳ 3,280
Rectangle Inflatable Pool ৳ 2,680