Digital Therapy Machine Price in Bangladesh

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Digital therapy machine is generally used for the purpose of relieving pain in different parts of the human body. Digital therapy machine is also known as physiotherapy machine in Bangladesh. The digital therapy machine transmits electric impulses through electrode pads on the skin surface of the human body to relieve pain in specific parts of the body. Nowadays, good quality digital therapy machine is available at an affordable price at

What kind of pain can be relieved by Digital Therapy Machine?

Digital therapy machines can relieve back pain, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, headaches and migraines, phantom limb pain, sports injuries, joint pain, post-operative pain, muscle pain, cancer pain, etc.

How much is the price of Digital Therapy Machine in Bangladesh?

Digital therapy machine price in Bangladesh is determined based on its type, number of pads, quality, etc. Currently, digital therapy machine price in Bangladesh starts from a minimum of 400 BDT which is a 4-pad equipped therapy machine. Moreover, one has to spend at least 1,500 to 2,000 BDT to buy an advanced therapy machine in Bangladesh.

How many types of Therapy Machine is available in Bangladesh?

There are several types of therapy machines available in Bangladesh based on technology and usage. Among these, two types of digital therapy machines are mentioned in detail:

Digital Therapy Machine: There are several types of digital therapy machines available in Bangladesh, among these digital therapy machine with pads is popular. By placing the pad on the specific pain point of the body and turning on the machine, the digital therapy machine starts working and relieves the pain.

Infrared Therapy Lamp: Infrared therapy lamp is an innovative light-based method that can be used to reduce pain and inflammation in various parts of the human body. To buy an infrared therapy lamp in Bangladesh, one needs to spend at least 1,500 BDT.

What to look for before buying a Digital Therapy Machine?

1. Before buying a digital therapy machine one should check whether its features are suitable as per the requirement.

2. See if the digital therapy machine includes a specific number of pads as needed.

3. Consider whether the pads that come with the digital therapy machine are available for purchase separately. However, the pads that accompany the digital therapy machine are usually available to buy separately.

4. Before purchasing an infrared therapy lamp, one must consult a doctor.

5. Digital therapy machine or infrared therapy lamp should be purchased by looking at its quality.

Best Therapy Machine Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for May, 2024

Therapy Machine Model Price in BD
Tens Acupuncture Digital Therapy Machine with Four Pads ৳ 550
Shockwave SK-5 Therapy Machine ৳ 240,000
GY-CS01 Ultrasound Therapy Machine ৳ 23,000
Therapy Drop ৳ 489
Philips InfraCare PR3110 Infrared Therapy Lamp ৳ 6,500
Beurer IL-35 Infrared Heating Lamp for Pain Relief ৳ 6,500
Philips 100W Infrared Therapy Lamp ৳ 1,650