Hair Trimmer Price in Bangladesh 2023 & 2024

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What is the usage of trimmer?

The use of trimmers and clippers for hair cutting is widespread. From professional barbers to individuals, everyone is getting used to using these. It is also known in Bangladesh as razor machine.

What is the difference between Hair Trimmer and Hair Clipper?

Trimmers are basically light in weight, small in size and have a somewhat compact design and they do not generate a lot of energy so they do not cut very thick, big and strong hair.

Clippers are basically designed for any haircut. Most professionals use it. It also doubles in weight and size from the trimmer and is suitable for use without prolonged heating.

Advantage of using Hair Trimmer

Using a hair trimmer offers several advantages over conventional razor.

1. Hair trimmer or clipper is suitable for long-term use for beard haircuts or stylish designs. Hair trimmer does not require frequent blade changes like razors, so the cost is much lower.

2. The hair trimmer is made with a powerful motor, and smooth and sharp blades to cut the desired hair and beard in less time.

3. Moreover, the cutting length of the hair trimmer blade can be customized to cut different shapes of hair or beard, and comes with compatible combs.

4. Hair trimmer usually does not touch the skin like razor in cutting hair and beards. Therefore, it is better to use a hair trimmer for people with skin problems.

5. Also, hair trimmer is equipped with safety features such as blade guards or rounded blade tips to provides safety to the head, face, and neck, which is much safer than razor.

How much does Hair Trimmer cost?

Hair trimmer price in Bangladesh usually less and can be bought for around 500 Taka for personal use. Barbers need a better quality trimmer that will cost at least Taka 1,000 which will provide continuous service. The best quality trimmers cost at least Taka 2,000 and their cutting quality will be very perfect. And these are called multi-functional trimmers.

Which one is better - Clipper or Trimmer?

In fact, it is difficult to say which one is better as the two devices are used separately. Trimmers are primarily used to finalize the shape of the beard and hair shapes, and clippers are used to trim the hair or cut the beard evenly and neatly.

Things to consider while buying the best Hair Trimmer

Intended Use of Trimmer: A wide range of hair trimmer of different model with advanced feature is available at affordable price in BD for personal use or salon use. Therefore, before buying a hair trimmer or clipper, one must check the primary purpose of use.

Design of Trimmer: The design and features of the hair trimmer should be checked for comfortable trimming of hair or beard. Also, check the weight and grip on the trimmer, which will help reduce fatigue during prolonged use.

Corded, Cordless, or Hybrid: Hair trimmers are of corded, cordless, or hybrid type. However, corded hair trimmer requires a specific power source for continuous use.  On the other hand, Cordless hair trimmer is faster, requiring occasional charging. Also, hybrid hair trimmer with both corded and cordless feature is available at an affordable price in BD. So, check the type of trimmer before buying a hair trimmer.

Trimmer Blade: Hair trimmer blade must be checked for a smooth shave or haircut. Choose hair trimmer with stainless steel or titanium-coated blades, which provides sharp, durable, and smooth cutting.

Cutting Length: Styling hair or beard requires setting the desired length. Hence, the correct cutting length should be checked while buying a hair trimmer. Also, check if there are compatible combs for different cutting lengths.

Trimmer Motor: The motor mainly affects the performance of the hair trimmer. Trimmer mainly uses magnetic, pivot, and rotary motors. The magnetic motor is perfect for straightforward hair shaving. On the other hand, the pivot motor provides more power to the hair trimmer, which can cut thick or wet hair and beards.

Battery Life: Battery life must be considered when buying a cordless hair trimmer. Especially consider models with long battery runtimes, which won't require frequent recharging.