Hair Trimmer

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৳ 7,500
2 days ago
Laser IPL Permanent Painless Hair Remover Machine

2 in 1 light pulses hair removal device for home beauty, safe & painless and effectively permanent solution, smooth...

৳ 449
4 days ago
Bi-Feather King Hair Remover Eye Brow Smooth Trimmer

Bi-feather king hair remover eye brow trimmer has 1 mini brush to always keep the blade clean, silky and smooth...

৳ 2,490
7 months ago
Philips 1000 Series Beard Trimmer for Men

Philips 1000 series beard trimmer for men has stainless steel blades, 4 stubble and beard combs, 60min cordless use,...

৳ 4,000
9 months ago
Philips QT-4000 Skin Friendly 1 to 10 mm Hair Trimmer

Philips QT-4000 hair trimmer has skin friendly rounded tips smooth trimming, 1-10 mm lock in length, stainless steel...

৳ 850
9 months ago
HTC AT-1103B Rechargeable Hair Trimmer

HTC AT-1103B hair trimmer has rechargeable battery, stainless steel blade, safe and easy to use, plastic body material.

৳ 1,200
9 months ago
Gemei GM-6036 Hi-Speed Hair and Beard Trimmer

Gemei GM-603 hair and beard trimmer has high speed motor, stainless steel blade, 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 mm easy operation, dock...

৳ 1,800
9 months ago
Kemei PG-102 Rechargeable LED Screen Hair Clipper

Kemei PG-102 professional rechargeable hair clipper has 3 / 6 / 9 / 12mm adjustable clipping comb, LED screen indicator...

৳ 1,250
9 months ago
Kemei KM-3580 Cordless Hair Grooming Trimmer

Kemei KM-3580 cordless hair grooming trimmer has 0.25 to 12 mm trimming range, efficient motor speed, silver alloy...

৳ 3,250
9 months ago
Panasonic ER240 Beard and Moustache Black Hair Trimmer

Panasonic ER240 BP beard and moustache black hair trimmer has 5 cutting length adjustments, ideal for narrow areas with...

৳ 4,200
9 months ago
Philips QG3320 Multi Grooming Trimmer Cordless Waterproof

Philips QG3320 multi grooming hair trimmer has waterproof design, skin-friendly, 5 minutes cordless use, 10-hours...