Fire Extinguisher Price in Bangladesh

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Fire extinguisher is very essential in many places where there is a chance to get fire. If any fire occurs then instant using the fire extinguisher may prevent the fire. In some cases big fires can be prevented to sperad more until the fire fighter starts working. So, in many places of Bangladesh, it is essential to keep the fire extinguisher. Moreover, the price of fire extinghuisher is relatively low in BD so everyone should buy this.

Types of Fire Extinguishers

Different fire extinguishers are commonly used for different combustible materials because using the wrong combustible material to extinguish a fire in the wrong place can be more dangerous. For example, if there is a fire in an oil or petrol or if there is a fire in an electrical thing, giving water there will never work. On that basis, fire extinguishers can be divided into four parts. Namely -

Class A: Water based fire extinguisher has a Class A rating and ideal to douse the wood, papers, fabrics. 

Class B: Foam based extinguisher can be used for Class A and Class B fire. The foam is mainly used for liquid fires (Class B) such as petrol, diesel while it can also douse the wood, fabric (Class A) based fires effectively.

Class C: A carbon dioxide extinguisher is used for Class C fires such as electrical fires. However, this type can also be used for Class B fires such as flamable liquids.

Class D: Dry powder is mainly used in this type of fire extinguisher to douse the Class D fires such as metal fires.

What is the price of fire extinguisher in BD?

The price of fire extinguisher in BD usually from 500 Taka to 3,500 Taka where it can douse the fire of Chemicals, Flammable liquids, Wood, Gas, Electrical hazards. However, one should select the fire extinguisher based on the type of the fire to be doused.

Use of Fire Extinguishers

Since the special combustible material inside the fire extinguisher is stored at a very high pressure, it must follow certain precise rules of use and use caution when using it.

1) First of all, pull out the safety pin.

2) Then hold the nozzle towards the fire from a safe distance.

3) Then press the nozzle with your hand.

4) Try to extinguish the fire by shaking the fire extinguisher from side to side.