Fire Extinguisher

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৳ 21,000
18 days ago
Fire Extinguisher-CO2 (25kg with Trolley)

25 Kg. Capacity Carbon-dioxide (CO2) Fire Extinguisher Trolley System We, fervently hope that your kind honor will...

৳ 1,290
8 days ago
AFO Light Weight Auto Fire Extinguisher Ball

AFO auto fire extinguisher ball has light weight design, 24.2 Sqft disperse covering area, Ø14.5 cm ball shape, 900 gm...

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2 days ago
ABC 5 Kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher with Wall Bracket

ABC 5 kg fire extinguisher with wall bracket is suitable for fire on ordinary combustible, highly inflammable liquids,...

৳ 13,000
18 days ago
Fire Extinguisher-ABC 25 Kg Dry Chemical Powder with Trolley

25Kg. Capacity ABC Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher Steel Mono Meter & Presser Type With Trolley System.We,...

৳ 1,450
2 days ago
Taifun ABC 5KG Extinguisher with Wall Bracket

Taifun ABC 5KG fire extinguisher with wall bracket. ABC dry powder extinguisher is suitable for fire on ordinary...

৳ 800
18 days ago
Racing Fire Extinguisher Iron Frame with 300g Dry Powder

Racing fire extinguisher has aluminum alloy shell, germany mall + heron process, iron frame, home/ car and camping...

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6 hours ago
Ruber Hand Gloves

industrial rubber hand gloves origin-china per pcs-75 taka minimum order- three dorgon Terms & Condition:...

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18 days ago
Fire Extinguisher ABC Type

Fire extinguisher ABC type.

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1 month ago
Refill Fire Extinguisher-CO2 gas

refilling all kind of fire extinguisher co2 with quality gas and powder with more care.

৳ 90
2 months ago
Refilling Fire Extinguisher- ABC Powder

refilling fire extinguisher both of ABC and CO2 with intact quality powder and gas at regular basis.