Incubator Price in Bangladeh 2024

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An incubator is a machine that allows chickens and birds to hatch from eggs without the help of their parents. These incubators are becoming very popular in Bangladesh due to increasing demand for chicken meat. Besides, some bird lovers are also trying to get out of the eggs of different kinds of rare birds for business. Let's find out how to buy a good Poultry Incubator at a very low price.

1. Choose an incubator that can take out the chicks of your choice.

2. Next choose the size of the incubator as it will have a big impact on your plan. If you lay a few eggs, a small incubator will suffice. And if you do it for business, find out how many eggs it can hatch at once.

3. During hatching, the eggs have to be rotated at regular intervals. Some incubators are manual so the eggs have to be rotated manually and some incubators are automatic which automatically rotates the eggs. If you do with a small amount of eggs, then choose a manual incubator because the price of this incubator is cheaper in Bangladesh. For medium to large sized incubations, choose an automatic incubator as it will prevent the work of rotating eggs.

4. Choose an incubator with automatic temperature control and humidity settings as you can set different temperatures for different types of chicks.

5. Check the ventilation system of the incubator as it should be good enough.

6. The windows of the incubator should be covered with glass or clear plastic so that you can see inside. The bigger the space you can see, the better the monitoring will be.

7. See how easy it is to clean the incubator because it will save time.

8. Body material is important. It should be durable so that it can be used for a long time.

9. Make sure the spare parts are easily available and the parts available in the market fit into this design.

10. Incubator price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 2,000 which can hatch up to 40 eggs. This type of incubator is sufficient for home or personal business. If you want to do business, you can buy 100-300 egg incubators which cost around Tk 8,000 to Tk 15,000 in Bangladesh. The price of the incubator depends on its construction quality, thermometer quality, automatic rotation and some other factors.