Medical Equipment

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৳ 38,000
16 hours ago
Resplus Auto CPAP Machine

Auto CPAP machines two settings, a low range setting and a high range setting, 3.5 inch TFT LCD display with easy...

৳ 1,600,000
1 month ago
Micromed Handy EEG Video Machine SystemPlus Software

Micromed portable EEG machine has electroencephalography acquisition system, SystemPlus evolution software, high...

৳ 315,000
26 days ago
Digital Video Colposcope ELM 2000 Long-Life Cold LED Light

Digital video colposcope ELM 2000 has SONY ex-view HAD CCD, 1-54x zooming, fast auto focus / manual focus, long-life...

৳ 45,000
16 hours ago
Kaiyang KYZ2002-3L High Performance Oxygen Concentrator

Kaiyang KYZ2002-3L oxygen concentrator has 3 liter high purity oxygen supplier, separates oxygen and filters toxic...

৳ 19,000
26 days ago
Medical Privacy Curtain

Medical privacy curtain has grade fabric material, aluminium framing, 22 x 8 feet size, easy to wash, sky blue / light...

৳ 2,500
1 month ago
Paste Adhesive Cream EEG EMG EP

Paste adhesive cream EEG-EMG-EP has 500 ml jar. Paste adhesive cream is made in Italy. This Paste adhesive cream is...

৳ 1,250,000
16 hours ago
Muromachi MK-1030 NIBP Monitor for Rats and Mice

Muromachi MK-1030 NIBP blood pressure monitor for rats and mice has obtaining NIBP measurements from rats with tail...

৳ 485,000
1 month ago
Muraco MA-110 Anesthesia Machine

Muraco MA-110 anesthesia machine has 170mm long guage flow meter, O2, N2O lines, O2 0.1~10L/min and N2O 0.5~10L/min...

৳ 180,000
16 hours ago
Ningbo David YP-100 Air Mode Control Neonatal Incubator

Ningbo David YP-100 neonatal incubator has air mode control system, display temperature and air temperature...

৳ 455,000
16 hours ago
Triup TR200B Medical Diagnostic 200mAh X-Ray Machine

Triup TR200B medical diagnostic X-ray machine has two phase 30KVA capacity, 380V/220V±10% 50Hz±0.5Hz voltage...

৳ 150,000
26 days ago
Cabinet Basin For Hospital

Three person can use this at a time, foot operating / sensor system, hot and cold water function, stainless steel...

৳ 1,600
1 month ago
Gold Plated and Silver Plated Electrode EEG EMG Test

Gold plated and silver plated electrode for EEG and EMG test. Better and strong 150 mm long. Country of origin Italy.

৳ 330,000
16 hours ago
Hematology Analyzer 23-Parameter 8.4" TFT Color Screen

Hematology analyzer has 3-part differentiation of WBC, 23 parameters, double channel counter, up to 60 samples per...

৳ 4,500
2 days ago
WiFi Ear Pick Tool Visual Spoon Camera Endoscope

Electronic micro camera, can observe the whole process of earwax in real time on your phone via wifi, ultra small lens,...

৳ 1,800,000
1 month ago
Micromed MYOQUICK Matrix Line EMG EP Test Medical Device

Micromed MYOQUICK matrix line supports the following EMG medical tests:
> Needle EMG, MUAP Quantitative Analysis,...

৳ 140,000
16 hours ago
Genrui GE300 Real Time Monitoring Electrolyte Analyzer

Genrui GE300 electrolyte analyzer has 60 samples per hour throughput, 100-200μL sample volume, K+ / Na+ / Cl- / iCa2+...

৳ 45,000
16 hours ago
Owgels OZ-5-01TW0 5L/min 24 Hours Oxygen Concentrator

Owgels OZ-5-01TW0 oxygen concentrator 5L/min flow rate, 93% ± 3% high concentration, German oil-free compressor,...

৳ 350,000
1 month ago
Diathermy Machine Zues-400 Electro Surgical Unit

Diathermy machine zeus-400 electro surgical unit has 4 kinds of cut, bipolar, and mono-polar coagulation , distinguish...

৳ 35,000
16 hours ago
High Frequency Electro Surgical Unit

Electro surgical unit has high frequency, pure cut / blend 1 / blend 2 working mode. May use to various surgical...

৳ 45,000
16 hours ago
Infant High Irradiance Efficiency Phototherapy Bilirubin

Infant phototherapy bilirubin has high irradiance efficiency, small volume, light weight, long effective life, low...