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৳ 75
3 days ago
Blood Bag 450ml

450 ml blood capacity, 16 G CPDA-1 single blood bag for government and private hospital, aluminium foil pack for 10...

৳ 800
11 days ago
Disposable Shoe Cover

Polyethylene / plastic material, flexible elastic ankle, used for hotel / food industry / medical / laboratory...

৳ 8,500
13 hours ago
Hospital Over Bed Food Table

hydraulic height-adjustable, 4 wheels with locking system, 3 x 4 feet height, MS body, powder-coated paint, melamine...

৳ 32,000
12 days ago
Dedakj DE-2A Double Inhalation Oxygen Generator

HD LCD touch screen display control, simultaneous double inhalation oxygen generator, 2-9 liter / minute adjustable...

৳ 550
3 days ago
Surgical Hair Protection Cap

Green color cap, provide protection from dust and germs, 100 pieces in 1 packet.

৳ 12,500
1 day ago
Sysbel Biohazard 53L Medical Waste Disposal Container

Constructed of polyethylene material which is resistant to a most chemical compound, can be kept in any dirty places,...

৳ 17,000
24 days ago
Medical Privacy Curtain

Privacy curtain for hospital with FDA standard EcoMed silver antibacterial additives that is not a spray-on but built...

৳ 2,500
11 days ago
UV-C Ray Light Sterilizer Germicidal Tube Lamp

UV-C ray is stronger than sunshine, 20 watt power, kill the dust and mites immediately, easily kill bacteria / mold /...

৳ 75
3 days ago
Blood Bag CPDA-1

Human blood bag CPDA-1, 450ml capacity.

৳ 800
11 days ago
Surgical Head Cap

Polypropylene non-woven material, 6.3 inch length and 0.9 inch width, ideal for food service / hospital / laboratories...

৳ 295,000
24 days ago
Digital Video Colposcope ELM 2000 Long-Life Cold LED Light

Digital video colposcope ELM 2000 has SONY ex-view HAD CCD, 1-54x zooming, fast auto focus / manual focus, long-life...

৳ 20
3 days ago
Urinary Catheter Bag

Kink resistant tube, 2000 ml capacity, soft clinical grade PVC sheeting, non-return valve, easy to read both in adult...

৳ 45,000
13 hours ago
Infant High Irradiance Efficiency Phototherapy Bilirubin

Infant phototherapy bilirubin has high irradiance efficiency, small volume, light weight, long effective life, low...

৳ 25
3 days ago
Disposable Blood Transfusion Set

Non toxoc and soft PVC tubing, clear and transparent, flexible molded drip chamnbers with fix fluid filters and sharp...

৳ 125,000
24 days ago
Cabinet Basin For Hospital

Three person can use this at a time, foot operating / sensor system, hot and cold water function, stainless steel...

৳ 25,000
24 days ago
Hospital Personal Staff Locker

Powder coating paint, mild steel body, 20 / 22 thickness, white color.

৳ 50
3 days ago
Twist Blood Lancet

Consistent depth penetration universal design fits almost all lancing devices, 100 pcs sterile lancets 30G, fine gauge,...

৳ 8
14 hours ago
Surgical Hair Protection Head Cap

Disposable surgical cap, ideal for food service / hospital / laboratories / manufacturing industriy, 100 pieces in 1...

৳ 35,000
13 hours ago
Anesthesia Machine AN300 High Quality Mild Steel Frame

Anesthesia machine AN300 has high quality mild steel frame, adult / pediatric application, pneumatically driven...

৳ 35,000
13 hours ago
High Frequency Electro Surgical Unit

Electro surgical unit has high frequency, pure cut / blend 1 / blend 2 working mode. May use to various surgical...