Medical Equipment

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6 hours ago
Spunbond Polypropolyene Shoe Cover

Nonwoven shoe cover, disposable custom printed non-skid shoes cover, protect shoes from pollution water and dust free,...

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6 hours ago
Surgical Hair Protection Head Cap

Disposable surgical cap, ideal for food service / hospital / laboratories / manufacturing industriy, 100 pieces in 1...

৳ 75
9 hours ago
Blood Bag 450ml

450 ml blood capacity, 16 G CPDA-1 single blood bag for government and private hospital, aluminium foil pack for 10...

৳ 7,500
1 month ago
Patient Waiting Chair Three Seater

MS steel body, box pipe frame, 1.2 mm thickness, black color, PP seat - blue / orange / red.

৳ 1,375,000
9 days ago
Micromed Handy EEG Video Machine SystemPlus Software

Micromed portable EEG machine has electroencephalography acquisition system, SystemPlus evolution software, high...

৳ 330,000
21 hours ago
Hematology Analyzer 23-Parameter 8.4" TFT Color Screen

Hematology analyzer has 3-part differentiation of WBC, 23 parameters, double channel counter, up to 60 samples per...

৳ 45,000
2 days ago
Dedakj DE-2A Double Inhalation Oxygen Generator

HD LCD touch screen display control, simultaneous double inhalation oxygen generator, 2-9 liter / minute adjustable...

৳ 240
23 hours ago
Manual Doctor Breast Pump

PP and BPA free, pump made by TPE, concave design to collect the breast milk easily and milk will be stored within a...

৳ 800
6 days ago
Disposable Shoe Cover

Polyethylene / plastic material, flexible elastic ankle, used for hotel / food industry / medical / laboratory...

৳ 750
1 day ago
Romsons Respiratory Exerciser

Lung exerciser / breathing exerciser by this respirometer to exercise respiration system, 3 stage chambers to provide...

৳ 3,000
6 hours ago
Medical Oxygen Regulator YR-88

Brass material,150Kg/cm2 input pressure, 0.1-3 output pressure, 3000 psi maximum inlet pressure, 250Kg/cm2 gauge...

৳ 2,490
23 hours ago
Doctor Medical Alternating Pressure System

Medical air mattress with pump, anti-bedsore, anti-decubitus system, medical class flexible PVC material, 5 to...

৳ 18,000
1 day ago
Medical Privacy Curtain

Privacy curtain for hospital with FDA standard EcoMed silver antibacterial additives that is not a spray-on but built...

৳ 6,500
4 days ago
Automatic Dispenser Shoe Cover

Automatically release dispenser to protect office floor and carpet and keep places hygienic, made from PPT + ABS...

৳ 1,450,000
9 days ago
Micromed MYOQUICK Matrix Line EMG EP Test Medical Device

Micromed MYOQUICK matrix line supports the following EMG medical tests:
> Needle EMG, MUAP Quantitative Analysis,...

৳ 45,000
21 hours ago
Infant High Irradiance Efficiency Phototherapy Bilirubin

Infant phototherapy bilirubin has high irradiance efficiency, small volume, light weight, long effective life, low...

৳ 35,000
21 hours ago
Anesthesia Machine AN300 High Quality Mild Steel Frame

Anesthesia machine AN300 has high quality mild steel frame, adult / pediatric application, pneumatically driven...

৳ 9,999
1 day ago
LED Xray Film View Box

Wall-mounted, brightness adjustment option, economic space needed, long-life use and easy to maintenance, made in China.

৳ 9,500
6 days ago
Shoe Cover Dispenser with 6-Roll Film

High-quality ABS material, very durable with high-quality spring, greatly improve cover efficiency and success rate as...

৳ 6,500
6 days ago
SeeSii Wi-Fi HD Visual Earpick Endoscope Camera

Seesii otoscope camera has wireless functionality to work with iOs or Android devices, full HD visual camera for real...