Medical Equipment

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৳ 45,000
5 days ago
Owgels OZ-5-01TW0 5L/min 24 Hours Oxygen Concentrator

Owgels OZ-5-01TW0 oxygen concentrator 5L/min flow rate, 93% ± 3% high concentration, German oil-free compressor,...

৳ 110
3 hours ago
Hot Water Bag

Soft cover, leak proof, ideal for stomach and back aches / joint pain / muscular cramps / menstrual pain / muscle pull...

৳ 288,000
6 days ago
Dental Full Package Hospital Instrument

2-pcs hand piece / 3-pieces sucker air + water + electronic / 2-piece 3-way syringes, glass type patient tray, tissue...

৳ 380,000
16 days ago
Digital Video Colposcope ELM 2000 Long-Life Cold LED Light

Digital video colposcope ELM 2000 has SONY ex-view HAD CCD, 1-54x zooming, fast auto focus / manual focus, long-life...

৳ 1,200,000
15 days ago
Micromed Handy EEG Video Machine SystemPlus Software

Micromed portable EEG machine has electroencephalography acquisition system, SystemPlus evolution software, high...

৳ 22,000
15 days ago
Medical Privacy Curtain

Privacy curtain for hospital with FDA standard EcoMed silver antibacterial additives that is not a spray-on but built...

৳ 100
3 hours ago
Blood Bag CPDA-1

Human blood bag CPDA-1, 450ml capacity.

৳ 2,650
15 days ago
Paste Adhesive Cream EEG EMG EP

Paste adhesive cream EEG-EMG-EP has 500 ml jar. Paste adhesive cream is made in Italy. This Paste adhesive cream is...

৳ 395,000
5 days ago
Triup YZ-200B Single Bed 200mA X-Ray Machine

Triup YZ-200B X-ray machine has single bed with single tube, rotary anode X-ray tube unit tangential annular tube,...

৳ 100
3 hours ago
Alcohol Pad

Provide maximum absorbency for scrubbing and cleansing, 70% Isopropy, 2 ply option, non-woven sponges designed for...

৳ 6,500
16 days ago
Patient Waiting Chair Three Seater

MS steel body, box pipe frame, 1.2 mm thickness, black color, PP seat - blue / orange / red.

৳ 180,000
5 days ago
Micro Plate Reader Hi-Speed CPU 7" LCD Color Screen

Micro plate reader has 96 well plate, multiple test in the single plate, 7 inch large LCD color screen, Windows...

৳ 6,500
18 hours ago
Child Doppler Target Heartbeat Monitor

Hand held obstetrical unit, ultrasonic signal transmitter and receiver, analog signals processing unit, FHR calculating...

৳ 36,500
15 days ago
Baby Crib ABS Material Aluminum Alloy Adjustable Height

Baby crib has ABS material frame, aluminum alloy baby crib stand column, 10mm dia. covered castors, adjustable...

৳ 45,000
5 days ago
Infant High Irradiance Efficiency Phototherapy Bilirubin

Infant phototherapy bilirubin has high irradiance efficiency, small volume, light weight, long effective life, low...

৳ 350,000
15 days ago
Infant NWS101 Radiant Warmer

Manual and servo mode, quartz heater with a parabolic reflector, dazzle-fee overhead observation lamp, specially...

৳ 485,000
15 days ago
Muraco MA-110 Anesthesia Machine

Muraco MA-110 anesthesia machine has 170mm long guage flow meter, O2, N2O lines, O2 0.1~10L/min and N2O 0.5~10L/min...

৳ 150,000
16 days ago
Cabinet Basin For Hospital

Three person can use this at a time, foot operating / sensor system, hot and cold water function, stainless steel...

৳ 65
3 hours ago
Twist Blood Lancet

Consistent depth penetration universal design fits almost all lancing devices, 100 pcs sterile lancets 30G, fine gauge,...

৳ 330,000
5 days ago
Hematology Analyzer 23-Parameter 8.4" TFT Color Screen

Hematology analyzer has 3-part differentiation of WBC, 23 parameters, double channel counter, up to 60 samples per...

Top Medical Equipment Price List in Bangladesh

Best Medical Equipment List in March, 2020 Latest Price
Hot Water Bag ৳ 110
Dental Full Package Hospital Instrument ৳ 288,000
Digital Video Colposcope ELM 2000 Long-Life Cold LED Light ৳ 380,000
Micromed Handy EEG Video Machine SystemPlus Software ৳ 1,200,000
Medical Privacy Curtain ৳ 22,000
Blood Bag CPDA-1 ৳ 100
Paste Adhesive Cream EEG EMG EP ৳ 2,650
Triup YZ-200B Single Bed 200mA X-Ray Machine ৳ 395,000
Alcohol Pad ৳ 100
Patient Waiting Chair Three Seater ৳ 6,500