Medical Equipment

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৳ 110
18 hours ago
Hot Water Bag

Soft cover, leak proof, ideal for stomach and back aches / joint pain / muscular cramps / menstrual pain / muscle pull...

৳ 37,999
9 days ago
Smart Outlook Dental Unit

1 pcs hand pipe, 1 pcs sucker, 1 pcs 3 way syringes, patient tray, tissue box, high to low manual system halogen...

৳ 19,900
10 days ago
Tooth Whitening Unit

With new whitening technology, based on condition of strong blue  LED light and whitening kit accelerant, character...

৳ 380,000
20 days ago
Digital Video Colposcope ELM 2000 Long-Life Cold LED Light

Digital video colposcope ELM 2000 has SONY ex-view HAD CCD, 1-54x zooming, fast auto focus / manual focus, long-life...

৳ 4,500
1 day ago
WiFi Ear Pick Tool Visual Spoon Camera Endoscope

Electronic micro camera, can observe the whole process of earwax in real time on your phone via wifi, ultra small lens,...

৳ 6,500
1 day ago
Child Doppler Target Heartbeat Monitor

Hand held obstetrical unit, ultrasonic signal transmitter and receiver, analog signals processing unit, FHR calculating...

৳ 17,900
9 days ago
Dental Endo Motor

Reciprocating function, 9 sets memory programs, 120-500 rpm rev ranges, 20:1 contra angle handpiece, 0.6-4.0 ncm torque...

৳ 12,000
17 days ago
LED Xray Film View Box

Wall-mounted, brightness adjustment option, economic space needed, long-life use and easy to maintenance, made in China.

৳ 6,600
15 days ago
Woodpecker UDS-J Dental Scaler

Supplied with 5 tips, fixed handpiece, 30kHz ± 3kHz frequency, soft and durable silica gel cable, handpiece high and...

৳ 21,500
20 days ago
Medical Privacy Curtain

Medical privacy curtain has grade fabric material, aluminium framing, 22 x 8 feet size, easy to wash, sky blue / light...

৳ 117,999
16 days ago
Digital Dental Unit

Glass type patient tray, 2 pieces of hand, 3 pieces sucker(air+water+electric), 2 pieces / 3-way syringes, tissue box,...

৳ 42
18 hours ago
Twist Blood Lancet

Consistent depth penetration universal design fits almost all lancing devices, 100 pcs sterile lancets 30G, fine gauge,...

৳ 349,900
15 days ago
Child Dental Unit

Full electric function, automatic water and turbine system, intraoral camera, automatic up and down system, luxurious...

৳ 70
18 hours ago
Blood Bag CPDA-1

Human blood bag CPDA-1, 450ml capacity.

৳ 8,500
15 days ago
Dental Autoclave

Electric system, full automatic autoclave, large ss frame, heavy water & fitting 3-way safety system, weight safety...

৳ 6,500
25 days ago
SeeSii Wi-Fi HD Visual Earpick Endoscope Camera

Seesii otoscope camera has wireless functionality to work with iOs or Android devices, full HD visual camera for real...

৳ 22
18 hours ago
Disposable Blood Transfusion Set

Non toxoc and soft PVC tubing, clear and transparent, flexible molded drip chamnbers with fix fluid filters and sharp...

৳ 15,499
16 days ago
Dental Air Compressor

Low noise, 40L tank capacity, 100% cupper wair motor, 3mm heavy slender, 4 side safety system, easy maintenance...

৳ 150,000
1 month ago
Cabinet Basin For Hospital

Three person can use this at a time, foot operating / sensor system, hot and cold water function, stainless steel...

৳ 42
18 hours ago
Alcohol Pad

Provide maximum absorbency for scrubbing and cleansing, 70% Isopropy, 2 ply option, non-woven sponges designed for...