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৳ 5,700
1 day ago
Wacom One Small CTL-471 Smooth Touch Graphics Tablet

Wacom one small intuos CTL 471 graphics pen tablet has pressure level 1024, 152 x 95 mm active area, smooth and...

৳ 16,900
1 day ago
Wacom Bamboo Spark Graphics Art Tablet with Ballpoint Pen

Wacom CDS600PG bamboo spark graphics art tablet has ballpoint pen, cloud-based services, evernote or dropbox, Wacom ink...

৳ 1,500
11 days ago
HSP85 8.5 Inch Ultra-Thin LCD Writing Tablet

HSP85 ultra thin LCD writing tablet has 8.5 inch size display, suitable for both kids and adults, this stylish portable...

৳ 15,500
9 days ago
Huion Inspiroy G10T Cordless Graphics Drawing Art Tablet

Huion inspiroy G10T drawing art tablet has cordless active electromagnetic resonance technology, 254 x 158.8 mm active...

৳ 4,500
9 days ago
XP-Pen PN03 Battery-Free Graphics Tablet Stylus Pen

XP-Pen PN03 battery-free graphics tablet passive stylus pen has 2048-level stylus pen pressure, improved ergonomics and...

৳ 18,000
9 days ago
XP-Pen Deco 03 Ultra-thin Wireless Graphics Design Tablet

XP-Pen Deco 03 graphics design tablet has ultra-thin and ergonomically design, 8mm thick, 10 x 5.62 inch working area,...

৳ 34,500
9 days ago
Wacom PTH660P Pro Paper Edition Medium Graphics Tablet

Wacom PTH660P pro paper edition medium graphics tablet has 5080dpi resolution, ± 60 levels tilt recognition, multi...

৳ 40,000
9 days ago
XP-Pen Artist-12 Full HD 11.6" Drawing Monitor

Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution display, 8192 pen pressure, 178° viewing angle, 25.6 x 14.4cm display dimension, 14ms...

৳ 29,000
9 days ago
Wacom Intuos Natural Pro Pen and Touch Medium Tablet PTH 651

Wacom Intuos Pro Pen and touch medium tablet PTH 651 has Wireless accessory kit, quickly and professionally edit photos...

৳ 1,000
9 days ago
XP-Pen Artist Lycra Friction Reduction Black Hand Gloves

XP-Pen Artist 2 finger graphics tablet hand gloves for drawing has black hand gloves color, soft and smooth lycra...