Graphics Tablet Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Graphics Tablet Buying in Bangladesh

What is a graphics tablet and what can be done with it?

Graphics tablets are useful for students, teachers, designers, engineers and everyone. It looks like a normal tablet and with it

  - The picture can be drawn by hand
  - Animation and graphics can be done
  - The design of the house can be decided
  - You can model different things
  - Pictures or outlines can be drawn during conferences or meetings
  - It can be used like a white board in online class

And to do these things, a digital pen called a pressure pen or a stylus is used instead of a pen.

Below are some tips for buying graphics or drawing tablets for 2021.
Which type of screen is better?

Screen size: Buy the size of the active area, not the size of the tablet. You can draw within the active area. You can take a look at the height of the reading.

Screen Resolution: The input resolution of the tablet's display refers to the number of lines per inch (LPI) and how much it can detect from the stylus pen. And the higher the input resolution that is meant by LPI, the better.

Screen brightness and contrast: the more the better. These can be adjusted as needed.

Screen pressure: Depending on the pressure of your hand, it can be used to draw dark or light. The higher the pressure of the graphics tablet, the more perfect the picture can be drawn. Good quality tablets in the market have a pressure of 8192 level.

What are the extra controls?

Different types of buttons will speed up your work to facilitate faster work. These are called Express Keys.

Side switch or stylus nib: There are two buttons that act like a double click or right click of the mouse. These can also be customized.

Touch ring: In addition to resizing the brush, it can also be customized for scroll or zoom and other tasks.

Eraser: It can be used in the same way as pencil stains are removed on paper.

What kind of graphics tablet should I buy?

Display and non-display tablets are available in the market of Bangladesh. Non-display tablets need to be used in conjunction with a computer. It is quite cheap as it has no display. So these are very good for online classes or meetings. And display tablets are also called drawing tablets.

What kind of pen or stylus will you take?

There are three types in the market of Bangladesh.

Battery powered: They run on batteries so they are a little heavier. The battery has to be changed every few days.

Rechargeable: These have to be charged.

Battery Free: These are the latest technology stylus. No battery is required as it works through electromagnetic frequency.

What is the popular brand for graphics tablet?

If you want to buy a cheaper tablet then buy Huion tablet. While Huion is cheaper but has great features for beginners or occasional users. Wacom drawing tablets are quite popular with professionals because these tablets have high quality features. Other brands also available in Bangladesh such as XP-Pen, Veikk.

What is the current price of a graphics tablet?

Non-display Graphics Tablets are good for online classes. These are available for around 5,000 Taka. Professional Drawing Tablets are currently available in Bangladesh for around 10,000 to 15,000 Taka. Good quality tablets start from 25,000 Taka.

What other things can be done with graphics tablet?

Graphics tablet can also be used to record digital signature. However, the signature pad works much better just for taking signatures.

Best Graphics Tablet Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for June, 2024

Graphics Tablet Model Price in BD
10 Inch Electronic Drawing Board ৳ 450
Xiaomi Mijia 10-Inch LCD Writing Tablet with Pen ৳ 1,249
WiWU 10" LCD Drawing Tablet ৳ 1,350