Graphics Tablet Price in Bangladesh

What is a Graphics Tablet?

A graphics tablet is a hardware computer input device that allows users to easily perform complex tasks such as drawing, graphics, and animation.

What is the differemce between Graphics Tablet and Drawing Pad?

Both are good just the difference between a drawing pad and a graphics tablet is that the drawing pad has a screen that can be drawn. On the other hand, a computer is needed to run graphic tablets. When a graphic is drawn on a tablet, it displays on the computer monitor. In Bangladesh, both graphics tablets & drawing pads are known as a graphics tablet.

What are the feafures to look before buying a tablet?

Express Key: Most graphics tablets now have a button called Express. These express buttons can be customized and used as you wish. It is better to buy a graphics tablet with Express Key to work faster or increase the speed of work.

Stylus Nib or Side Switch: Graphics tablets, such as the Express Key, have two buttons next to all stylus that is set by default by double-clicking or right-clicking the mouse. There are currently some tablets that can also customize the stylus side buttons. It is best to look at all the tablets that have a customizable stylus side button before buying.

Touch Ring: The graphics tablet must have a touch ring for convenient use. Some brands such as Wacom, Huion, etc. have the touch ring feature in such tablets. Ring Touch Sensitive is basically scrolled or zoom can be customized for various tasks in addition to resizing the brush.

Pressure Level: The pressure level is a very important issue for graphics tablets. This pressure will depend on whether the art of graphics is thin or thick. The higher the pressure, the thicker and thicker the output. In the same way, the lighter the pressure, the lighter the thinner the output. There are 256, 512, 1024, and 2048 levels of pressure. These numbers basically help a lot in referring to the sensitivity level of the stylus.

Eraser: A digital touch-sensitive eraser is used to erase images or stains on graphics tablets in the same way that erasers can be used to erase images or pencil stains on paper.

What is the popular brand?

If you want to buy a cheaper tablet then buy Huion tablet. While Huion is cheaper but has great features for beginners or occasional users. Wacom drawing tablets are quite popular with professionals because these tablets have high quality features. Other brands also available in Bangladesh such as XP-Pen, Veikk.