Spray Machine Price in Bangladesh

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A spray machine usually refers to a device that sprays water or a liquid. In the modern era, the spray machine was invented due to the need for ease of work. Currently, spray machine is used as important equipment in various sectors including agriculture, medical and industrial. By using it people can do more work in less time.

There are different types of spray machines for different jobs. There are different types of spray machines in the market of our country. Brief information about the field-specific applications of spray machines is discussed below:

Spraying machine used in agriculture

Spray machine is currently being used in all types of agriculture. The spray machines used in agriculture are of two types namely hydraulic and low-volume spray machine. Spraying machines play an important role in the application of fungicides to prevent rice diseases. It is also used to grow plants quickly, to water various crops or plants, including garden maintenance. Studies have shown that direct application of pesticides or fertilizers to the soil results in higher wastage levels, so applying these pesticides or fertilizers through spray machines will reduce wastage and improve crop yields. Before buying a spray machine, you must check the features according to your needs. It is good to remember that if the spray machine has the facility of changing spare parts, the same machine can be used for a long time.

Spray machine used in construction

Apart from the technical contribution of agriculture, electric paint spray machine is also making a good contribution in construction. Wall paint spray machine and cement plaster machine have created a good buzz in the world market. This type of machine automatically mixes dry powder mortar with water and is used on wall or floor. This type of spray machine mortar is heat preservation, fireproof, waterproof and suitable for soil. Spray machine is efficient for high quality work, easy to use, and convenient to clean. The price of high quality spray machine is relatively low in the current market.

Spray machine used in medical

The importance of spray machine in medical field is immense. Sanitization with the help of fogging spray machine is being used in medical. Sanitizer spray machine is widely used especially in large industrial factories and educational institutions. So according to the demand, the customer can buy the sanitizer spray machine from Bdstall.

Advantages of spray machine

  • Spraying machine can spray more areas in less time.
  • To protect crops in agricultural land, pesticides or poisons can be applied to the land with spray machines without the help of hands.
  • Spray machines are the safest for industrial chemicals.
  • There is no substitute for a spray machine to evenly paint the wall.
  • Thermal sprays are used to reduce pain in the area of physical problem or injury.
  • In the medical field, ultrasonic coating system uses spray machine.

How much does the spray machine cost?

The price of spray machine in Bangladesh market varies. It totally depends on the type of work of the spray machine. The prices of agricultural spray machines, painting spray machines and medical spray machines are completely different. The price of spray machine in Bangladesh market starts from 600 Taka to 45,000 Taka.