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৳ 799
16 days ago
Slim-N-Lift Slimming Vest For Men

Slim-n-lift slimming vest for men has super comfortable fabric 80%, nylon+20% spandex, medium / large / extra large...

৳ 999
15 days ago
Hot Shaper Pants for Exercise Designed

Hot shaper pants for exercise and everyday use. Improves silhouette, helps to reduce sweat, port it alone or under...

৳ 1,249
16 days ago
Mymi Wonder Patch Belly Wing

Mymi wonder patch belly wing is a abdomen shaper that has natural and patented substance with effects reducing weight...

৳ 449
16 days ago
Sweat Slimming Belt Hot Shaper

Sweat slimming belt for everyday use help to reduce the sweating and sucks the moisturizer from your body, compatible...

৳ 799
1 month ago
Munafi Waist Slimming Pant

Munafi waist slimming pant has 85% polyamide / nylon material, anti bacterial / anti static / breathable.

৳ 599
4 months ago
Neoprene Fabric Sweat Slim Belt

Hot shaper sweat slim belt has neoprene fabric.

৳ 499
23 days ago
Sweat Slim Belt Plus Slimming Belt Hot Body Shaper

Sweat slim belt plus is a perfect slimming belt for everyday use while doing regular work or exercise and it's internal...