Body Shaper

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19 days ago
Hot Shaper Pants for Exercise Designed with Neotex TM

Hot shaper pants for exercise and everyday use, designed with Neotex TM that increases body temperature, improves...

৳ 1,750
1 month ago
Livivo Shape Slimming Belt

Elliptic oscillation slimming belt mechanism, powerful and comfortable massage system, auto or manual massage...

৳ 750
3 days ago
Sweat Slim Belt Plus Slimming Belt Hot Body Shaper

Sweat slim belt plus is a perfect slimming belt for everyday use while doing regular work or exercise and it's internal...

৳ 690
19 days ago
Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer Belt for Men and Women

Sweet sweat waist trimmer belt for men and women.

৳ 550
19 days ago
Sweat Slim Fat Reducing Hot Belt Body Shaper

Sweat slim body shaper hot belt helps to reduce fat, slim down waist / tummy and thighs and increase core temperature....

৳ 750
2 months ago
Hot Harmful Fat Body Shaper

Fiber polyester material, front side zipper, M / L / XL / XXL size, regular gym clothing helps posture for back and you...

৳ 650
2 months ago
Miss Hot Shaper Body Belt

Reduce belly fat very easily by this miss hot shaper body belt, 100% guarantee that this belt will make you slim by...

৳ 599
4 months ago
Slim N Lift Slimming Body Shaper Vest for Men

Men's slimming undergarments for tummy shaping, reduces hypodermic fat with regular wear, comfortable fabric with...

৳ 599
4 months ago
Neoprene Fabric Sweat Slim Belt

Hot shaper sweat slim belt has neoprene fabric.