Room Heater Price in Bangladesh

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Why room heater is necessary?

A variety of room heaters can be used to create warmth to prevent the extreme cold of winter. Room heaters should be used depending on the size of the room. The heater does not need to be used all the time. The house gets warm after running for a certain period of time. Room heater is essential for elderly, ill or with limited mobility.

What are the types of room heater?

Fan heater: Fan heaters basically convert electrical energy into heat energy. The fan of this heater dissipates heat away from the device. It can generate more heat by consuming relatively less electricity. The electric heating resistance of this device is about 100%.

Infrared heater: Like a lamp that looks like an infrared heater, it is converted from low temperature to high temperature through electromagnetic radiation. Depending on the body temperature, infrared radiation has a maximum wavelength of 60 nano-meters to 1 mm. No medium is required to transfer heat from one place to another.

Oil heater: Oil filled heaters are a basic heating technology of electric heaters. It works like an electric heater but the oil used in the heater can provide heat even after turning off the heater.

How much space can a heater heat?

The place does not depend on the type of heater but on the capacity of the heater. The higher the power or watts of the heater, the higher the temperature it will emit. For example, a 1500 watt heater can heat 150 square feet room.

How much can the bill come?

The cost of a room heater is not precise because the cost depends on the weather where it will be used, the space in the room, how long it will run. For example, if a 1500 watt heater is run continuously for an hour, 8.5 taka bill may come.

Does it have auto temperature control?

Some heaters have a timer attached to a heating sensor or adjuster to control the temperature of the heater. If this timer is turned on, it automatically shuts off after a certain time. And the heating sensor shuts off when the set temperature is higher and turns on again when it is low.

How much is the price of room heater in Bangladesh?

Room heaters in Bangladesh are available from as low as Tk 1,399. Room heaters in this price range are usually portable and are good enough for small rooms, especially in cities where winters are mild. And if you buy more than 2,000 Taka, you can get a good brand of room heater and can easily alleviate the severity of extreme cold in a moment. And offices or factories require industrial room heaters that cost a little more. However, the price of a room heater in Bangladesh is determined depending on the brand, how much electricity it is consuming or saving, how fast it can heat the room, how much it is in size, what technology it is used for and other features.