Room Heater

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৳ 2,350
4 days ago
Nova NH-1206 Portable 2000 Watt Room Heater

Nova NH-1206 room heater has quick heating technology, adjustable temperature control, high quality heating performance.

৳ 1,650
4 days ago
Nova Fan System Electric Room Heater

Nova electric room heater has fan system to blow the hot air perfectly into the room, 2000 watt heating system.

৳ 1,499
6 months ago
Bushra ACB-1 Overheat Protection Room Heater

Overheat indicator, 1000/2000 watt heating power, cool / warm / hot selection without thermostat and fuse.

৳ 1,599
6 months ago
Bushra ACB-2 Electric Room Heater

Cool / warm / hot selection, 1000 / 2000 watt heating power, overheat protection with indicator.

৳ 1,899
6 months ago
Bushra ACB-15 2000-Watt Room Heater

Cut-off safety switch, 1000W / 2000W heating power, 2 heater setting, handle carrying, cool / warm / hot for selection.

৳ 4,599
6 months ago
Bushra ACB-3001L Thermostat Control Room Heater

PTC ceramic heating element, 1000W / 2000W two heat setting, safety thermal cut-out, overheat protection, automated...

৳ 1,399
6 months ago
Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Fan Room Heater

Orpat OEH-1260 room heater has strong 2000 watt fan, ideal for small / medium size room, non sagging room heater,...

৳ 1,990
6 months ago
Bushra 2000 Watt Fan System Electric Room Heater

Bushra electric room heater has 2000 watt heating system, fan system to blow the hot air perfectly into the room.

৳ 2,500
7 months ago
Remax RT-SP09 Warmth Series Portable Electric Room Heater

Remax RT-SPO9 portable electric room heater has 220V-240V rated voltage, mode of power supply current alternating, 125...

৳ 1,350
7 months ago
Bushra ACB-02 Hot and Cool Air Room Heater

Cool-touch housing, 2000W 2 heat setting, white color, carrying handle, safety cut off switch, thermal cut off device.