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৳ 3,200
1 day ago
VeriVide D65 Artificial Day Light

VeriVide D65 artificial day light. Size: 2 feet. C/O: E.U

৳ 3,800
4 days ago
Philips D65 Four Feet 18 Watt Artificial Daylight Tube

Philips D65 four feet 18 watt artificial daylight tube. France origin.

৳ 650
3 days ago
Foldable Fan Blade LED Bulb

PC+ aluminum material, 45W LED flying saucer bulb, E27 / B22 type socket, more than 80% energy save which compared...

৳ 3,300
4 days ago
Verivide D65 2 Feet Artificial Daylight Bulb

Verividie D65 2 feet artificial day light, 18W, Origin UK.

৳ 2,250
moment ago
Ultraviolet Black light UVB - 1 no (Phillips Holland)

Ultraviolet Black light UVB bulb - 1 no (Phillips Holland)

৳ 1,650
1 hour ago
Philips TL83 2-Feet 18W Light for Color Matching Cabinet

Philips TL83 2-feet 18 Watt tube light for color matching cabinet. Origin - Poland.

৳ 2,700
1 day ago
Just D50 Daylight Bulb

600 mm, made in Germany.

৳ 2,150
1 hour ago
Philips TL83 4-Feet 36-Watt Tube Light for Color Light Box

Philips TL83 4-feet 36-watt tube light for color light box. Origin - Poland.

৳ 3,650
1 hour ago
Verivide D65 4-Feet Artificial Daylight Bulb

Verivide D65 4-Feet artificial daylight bulb. Origin - UK, Watt: 20.

৳ 3,350
moment ago
Artificial Daylight D65 – Pcs/ (Verivide -UK)

Artificial Daylight D65 light bulb/ (Verivide -UK) Be Note All Light source is 2 feet’s only.

৳ 2,700
1 day ago
Just D65 2 Feet 58 Watt Artificial Daylight Tube

Two feet artificial daylight tube, 18 watt.

৳ 1,200
1 day ago
Philips Lamp TLD830 for H&M

Philips lamp light bulb TLD830 for H&M. Lamp: Philips. Illumination: TLD830. Size: 2 feet. C/O: Poland / Holand.

৳ 2,800
1 day ago
Just D65 4 Feet 58 Watt Artificial Daylight Tube

Four feet artificial daylight tube, 36 watt.

৳ 2,299
3 months ago
Philips TUV G15 15W T8 Ultraviolet Germicidal Light

UVC ultraviolet germicidal lamp, 253.4 nm fluorescent UVC radiation light, clear glass, maximum security of...

৳ 650
8 months ago
Ensysco LED Tube Light 16W 4 Feet Soft-Start Energy Saving

Ensysco 4 feet 16 watt LED tube light has real energy saving technology, instant soft-start, no flickering or buzzing,...

৳ 2,100
11 months ago
Philips Master TL-830 4 Feet Tube Light

Philips master TL-D super fluorescent tubes providing good color rendering and high luminous efficiency, 18W / 36W, 2...

৳ 2,250
11 months ago
Sylvania Standard CWF640 Industrial Tube Light Bulb

Cool white fluorescent lamp, 18W / 20W, 36W 2 feet /4 feet available, browse our portfolio energy efficient lighting,...