LED Light Price in Bangladesh

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LED Light Buying in Bangladesh

The full form of LED light is light emitting diode. LED light is used to illuminate offices, homes, and any enclosed room worldwide, including in Bangladesh. In addition, LED light is used to illuminate roads, parking garages, walkways and other outdoor areas. Due to the fact that more light is available through the use of LED lights and is relatively energy efficient, LED lights have gained immense popularity worldwide. Currently, various brands of LED light is available in Bangladesh, including Philips and Walton.

How many type of LED light available in Bangladesh?

Currently, various types, sizes, and designs of LED lights are available in Bangladesh as per the requirements. The type of LED light is discussed in detail:

LED Tube Light: LED tube light is usually made of small LED lights in a long and linear lamp design. LED tube light is most widely used in Bangladesh. LED tube light is used more in various establishments, especially in garment factories.

LED Bulb: LED bulb is round in shape with white color. LED bulbs are 90 percent more energy efficient than conventional bulbs. And, currently, LED bulbs of various sizes are available everywhere in Bangladesh at relatively low prices.

LED Spotlight: LED spotlight is used to radiate full light at a specific place. LED spotlight emits light at a specific place so that place is identified separately. Spotlight is used to illuminate specific places on different occasions and mark those places differently.

LED Halogen Light: Among the LED light, LED halogen light can emit the most light. LED halogen light is larger in size and more expensive. LED halogen light is generally used for various tasks including construction work in the dark. Large LED halogen light is used to illuminate the stadium even at night.

LED Street Light: LED street light is installed on roads and bridges with the help of lamp posts to facilitate movement on roads and bridges in the dark of night. LED street lights of different sizes, small and large, are installed on roads and bridges in Bangladesh as per requirement.

Also, colorful LED lights, LED torch lights, and other types of LED lights are available in Bangladesh.

What is the price of LED light in Bangladesh?

LED light prices vary based on brand, type, size, and quality. LED light price in Bangladesh starts from TK 100 which is a normal LED bulb. Besides, LED tube light price starts from TK 300 which length is usually 4 feet. Moreover, LED halogen light is available in Bangladesh which cost a bit more.

What to look for before buying LED light?

Nowadays, LED light is a necessary electrical device, so there are some things to consider before buying LED light.

1. Types of LED Light: Different type of LED light is available in Bangladesh based on the requirement. Therefore, before buying LED lights, one must select the right type of LED lights based on usage. And, based on the shape of the room, small or large LED lights should be collected.

2. Amount of Light: LED tube light or LED bulb should be selected according to the light requirements compared to the size of the room. If the office is a room where computers are used, multiple LED tube lights or LED bulbs can be used. On the other hand, for outdoor use, halogen lights must be selected in proportion to the specific space.

3. Socket Compatibility: If it is necessary to buy LED lights for a specific room, the LED lights should be selected based on the socket technology there. Or, the lamp socket should be changed to match the light.

4. Design: LED tube light or LED bulb should be selected according to the interior vision of the room where the LED lights will be used.