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Fax Machine Buying in Bangladesh

Fax machine is basically a type of telecommunication device that is used to exchange printed or handwritten documents and images over long distances over telephone lines. Fax machine is widely used in BD as a convenient and reliable device for exchanging documents, and images for personal and business communication purposes. Moreover, fax machine is a widely popular device in Bangladesh for small businesses, government office, and personal use as they are relatively affordable and easy to operate.

How much does a Fax Machine cost?

Fax machine price generally varies depending on factors such as brand, specification, and quality. Currently, Fax machine price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 8,500 which is usually plain paper fax machines. Thermal fax machine is available with a budget of Tk 11,000 to Tk 18,000. Also, Monochrome Laser Fax Machine is available in Bangladesh, and price starts from Tk 28,000.

What to look for before buying a Fax Machine?

1. Compatibility: Before purchasing a fax machine, check whether it will be compatible with the telephone system or network.

2. Transmission Speed: Make sure that the fax machine has a high transmission speed to ensure fast and reliable document exchange.

3. Paper Handling: Input tray size and document feeder etc. should be checked well.

4. Memory Capacity: Check if the fax machine has enough memory to handle incoming and outgoing document exchange.

5. Resolution: Choose a high-resolution fax machine for printing, copying, or re-editing documents, and images.

6. User-friendly: It should be checked whether the interface of the fax machine is easy to operate and control.

7. Connectivity: Check whether USB, Ethernet, or wireless connectivity is available depending on the specific requirement.

8. Warranty Facility: While buying a fax machine, one should check whether the warranty is valid for a certain period of time and proper customer support is available in case of any problems.