Mobile Battery Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Mobile Battery Buying in Bangladesh

A good quality mobile battery is required to keep the smartphone running and for long use after charging. Currently in Bangladesh, high-quality batteries with different capacities are available based on the phone model. Due to careless use of the phone or after a few years of use the battery backup time becomes less so the phone battery needs to be changed. The price of mobile battery varies that depends on the battery model and capacity.

What is the price of mobile battery?

Currently, mobile battery price is determined based on its model, capacity, count, backup time, etc. Mobile battery price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 100 which is 1020 ampere capacity and comes in local quality. On the other hand, different quality and model-specific capacity battery is available for Android and iPhone in Bangladesh. Also, mobile battery is available with repair tool sets which cost a bit more.

What to look for before buying a mobile battery?

Mobile battery is used to back up the mobile for a long time. So, there are certain things to consider before buying a mobile battery.

Battery Model: Battery model should be considered if it is compatible with the mobile phone model. Because a specific model of battery is made for a specific model of mobile phone. Moreover, it is better to use a compatible battery to keep the mobile healthy.

Battery Health: Before buying a new or old mobile battery, you must check the battery health. And, mobile batteries with at least 80 to 90 percent health should be selected. However, new mobile battery health is usually 100 percent.

Warranty: The mobile battery comes with a fixed period of warranty, so if there is any problem in the mobile battery within a certain period, the company will change it. So, before buying a mobile battery you must consider how many years of warranty it has.

Also, check whether the mobile battery is providing proper backup. However, replacement batteries provide less backup time than factory original batteries during that manufacturing with mobile.

Tips to keep mobile battery good.

1. Avoid using the mobile while the mobile phone is charging.

2. Avoid charging the mobile phone frequently after it has finished charging a few percent.

3. Limit the use of loaded apps that drain the mobile phone quickly.

4. Especially when the mobile phone charge falls below 30 to 20 percent, it is better to charge. And if you charge 80 to 90 percent instead of 100 percent, battery health is better.

5. The brightness of the mobile phone should be reduced because the charge of the mobile phone ends quickly due to excessive brightness.

6. Power saving mode should be used in mobile phones so that battery backup will be available for a long time.

7. Nowadays smartphones have a dark mode option which consumes 30 percent less power than normal, thus saving battery life.

8. Avoid using the mobile phone if the mobile phone overheats.

9. The mobile phone should be charged with the originator charger so that the battery's health is maintained. Especially avoid charging mobile phones with other chargers.

10. Turn off the auto-update of smart mobile phones.