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৳ 180
8 days ago
Zaitun Miswak

Zaitun Miswak is the traditional natural tooth brush that has natural antiseptic, this can be used everyday and...

৳ 150
15 hours ago
Piping and Ducting Works

Dear Sir, We are specialized on all kind of industrial and residential pipe fittings,duct fabrication & installation...

৳ 450
7 days ago
Super Strong Wall Hook 12 Pieces

The hook is made of stainless steel, you can be adjusted up and down by 180 degree, place it on a normal wall or under...

৳ 2,800
11 days ago
Air Conditioner Cleaner Flushing Set

High quality aluminum alloy, clean system condenser, easy-to-use.

৳ 6,000
12 days ago
Digital Language Listening System LCD Display Hi-Frequency

Digital language listening system has 1 pcs transmitter, 1 pcs receiver, wireless connectivity, PLL synthesized design...

৳ 30,500
16 hours ago
Audio Technica AT-LP60 Automatic Stereo Turntable System

Audio Technica AT-LP60 USB fully automatic belt drive stereo turntable system has built-in switchable phono...

৳ 650
1 month ago
Exclusive Leather Belt for Gents

This exclusive gents belt is made of high-quality pain leather and cow leather are highly soft and durable, it looks...

৳ 1,550
1 day ago
MCare U700 Floor Marking Tape

MCare U700 floor marking tape.

৳ 300
19 hours ago
Water Filter Repair and Installation Service

We provides:
1. Installation and setup
2. Identification of the issue
3. Repairing of all water...

৳ 75,000
10 hours ago
Digital RJH5005 12-Stand Orbital Mechanical Shaker

Digital RJH5005 orbital mechanical shaker has 20 ~ 250 RPM/min accurate, 12 stands.

৳ 2,800
11 days ago
Snorkel M2068G Full Face Diving Mask

Full-face snorkel diving mask to take pictures underwater by action camera with 180 degree wide viewing window and...

৳ 15,500
13 hours ago
Amazon Echo Show 8 Smart Display with Alexa Charcoal

Connect with video calling and messaging, 8" HD screen, 1-megapixel front-facing camera, 1280 x 800 display resolution,...

৳ 550
7 days ago
Afgani Tupi

Comfortable to ware, very soft and stylish, color guarantee.

৳ 450
1 day ago
Stainless Steel Body Portable Coconut Grater

The coconut grater is the perfect kitchen utensil for any fresh coconut recipe. Fresh grated coconut is recommended for...

৳ 550
7 days ago
5-Layer S-Shape Cloth Hanger

These hangers are made from genuine stainless steel, five-layer design, you can hang up to 5 pants, strong and...

৳ 300
1 day ago
Toothbrush Holder

Plastic materials, eco friendly.

৳ 950
4 days ago
Spoon Set with Swan Stand

Unique style design, zinc alloy metallic material, attractive desk decoration with gold plated, rust free and long...

৳ 12,500
13 hours ago
Amazon Echo Show 5 Smart Display with Alexa Charcoal

Video and voice calls, 5.5 inch LED display with touch screen, front-facing camera, 960 x 480 resolution, off / on...

৳ 350
8 days ago

Great quality cotton fabric pagri, Thick, comfortable, and warm on wearing, protects your head and neck from sunlight /...

৳ 350
1 day ago
Silicone Pot Cover

Perfect for bowls / dishes / plates / cans / jars and mugs, durable and easy to clean, food grade material, 6 pcs in a...