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৳ 850
9 days ago
Sundarbans 100% Pure Natural Honey from Goran Flower

Sundarbans natural honey 1 kilogram from goran flower. 100% pure natural honey.

৳ 2,500
26 days ago
Service and Maintenance Contract for IPS & Battery

IPS & battery service and maintenance for any brand IPS and battery. Service includes a regular checkup in every 2...

৳ 3,300
10 hours ago
Xiaomi Mijia Desk Phone App Control Smart LED Table Lamp

Xiaomi mijia desk phone app control smart LED table lamp has 300 LM light source, 2700 - 6500K CCT, cool white / warm...

৳ 11,500
2 days ago
Magnetic Rolling Sweeper with Handle Release

Magnetic rolling sweeper with handle release has large rolling floor sweeper magnet, magnetic floor sweeper, 36 inch...

৳ 72,000
4 days ago
Digital RJH5005 12-Stand Orbital Mechanical Shaker

Digital RJH5005 orbital mechanical shaker has 20 ~ 250 RPM/min accurate, 12 stands.

৳ 3,000
4 days ago
Digital Weight Scale 30kg

As-c6 digital scale has 30kg maximum capacity, 5g minimum capacity, pan size 8.5"-10.5".

৳ 1,310
3 days ago
MCare U700 Floor Marking Tape

MCare U700 floor marking tape.

৳ 1,700
12 days ago
Mini Electronic Sewing Machine with Food Paddle

Automatic winding thread, neat and straight stitch, up to 8 layers denim, large operation space, 100 - 240V power...

৳ 690
12 days ago
Hach pH Indicator Paper Strip Range 0-14 for pH Meter

Hach pH paper test strips has 0 to 14 pH range, 100 strips per packet.

৳ 9,500
1 month ago
ESE Lightning Arrester

High durability, rust proof, flawlessly finished, 300KA discharge capacity, ≥82% amplitude damping ratio, ≥35%...

৳ 1,999
13 days ago
Digital to Analog Audio Converter Coaxial / Optical

Digital to analog audio converter has been designed for any home or professional audio switching, connect to TV using...

৳ 2,500
3 days ago
Bailsy 100ml Lovely Fragrance Colorful Aroma Oil Diffuser

Bailsy 100ml aroma oil diffuser cool mist colorful ultrasonic humidifier has lovely fragrance, quiet ultrasonic...

৳ 105
9 days ago
White Ceramic Sublimation Colored Rim 11 oz Coffee Mug

White ceramic sublimation 11 oz coffee mug has colored rim / handle, 8 x 9 cm size, 0.395 kg weight, red / white /...

৳ 2,500
4 days ago
Digital Pocket Weight Scale

Maximum 300gm capacity, tar / tola / gsm / gram measuring unit, leather bag to protect the scale, 2 dry battery, firm...

৳ 5,500
1 day ago
Borescope 8mm WiFi Waterproof 6-LED Inspection Camera

Boroscope has 8mm camera lens to view an object closely, ideal for underwater inspection, sewer pipe detection, search...

৳ 4,000
1 day ago
Unicare ULB17 Life Buoy

Unicare ULB17 life buoy is ideal for marine safety.

৳ 5,500
11 days ago
Digital Sign Solution

All kind of digital sign solution service provided.

৳ 450
1 day ago
Welding Gloves

Welding gloves.

৳ 2,999
17 days ago
Paint Zoom Electric Paint Sprayer

Paint zoom electric paint sprayer is very fast, powerful, no mess, save time and now you can paint like a pro and say...

৳ 4,500
1 day ago
Chemical Suit

Chemical suit for industry to protect from harmful chemicals.