Power Supply Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Computers make our various tasks easy so it is important to provide proper power to the computer as it will keep the computer motherboard and other parts in good condition. Usually this power supply comes with the casing but if one needs more reliable power supply then this additional power supply may need to be attached. Just like a server needs a dual power supply, gaming needs a powerful PC power supply. And good rated power supplies are now available in Bangladesh at low prices.

What is the price of power supply in BD?

Power supply price in BD starts from 4,00 Taka, they can provide power to PC up to 550 watts and has double ball bearing fans and all the necessary connectors for the motherboard. PSU should be selected depending on budget and type of work.

What tips do you need to know to find the right power supplier?

Different types of power suppliers are available in Bangladesh. Here are some tips to find the right power supply for your computer:

1. First decide what you will use it for. If for PC then need to buy PC Power Supply which are available in BD. Redundant power may be used if for servers. In Bangladesh, playing games usually require special power supplies called gaming power supply. But it is better to take a little more power because it will be useful later if needed.

2. Voltage converter technology power supplier is quite good especially for Bangladesh. Because the rise and fall of the voltage can cause serious problems in the computer motherboard and even burn it. So to keep your PC safe you can choose a power supply with voltage converter technology.

3. Many power supplies use output regulator technology. As a result earthing problems in the PC will be reduced and power will be performed at the right level.

4. Power efficient PSU has become widely popular in Bangladesh in a short period of time. Their efficiency is very good so they give the right amount of power output even with low power consumption. 80+ rated power supplies are now available at low prices in BD. These power supplies ensure power efficiency.

5. Different wattage power supplies are available in Bangladesh market. Depending on the configuration of the PC such as RAM, storage, graphics, etc., the size of the power supplier should be determined. Building a computer with a high-end configuration requires a high-wattage power supply. If you don't have a high-quality configuration, a low-voltage power supply will save some money. For example, if a PC has 8GB RAM, HDD and SSD dual storage, high-quality processor, powerful motherboard, it is better to take a power supply of 450 watts to 550 watts.

6. Find out if the power supply has a cooling system. Cooling system is a necessary thing in power supply. If you need to work on the computer for a long time, you can buy a power supply with a high-quality cooling system, as a result of which the casing will heat up less and the speed will be correct.

7. It is important to consider the weight and shape of the power supply. If the power supply is too large or too heavy, it will take up too much space in the casing. If the weight is heavy, it is also difficult to carry, so you should buy the power supply by looking at the weight and shape.