Hard Disk (HDD) Price in Bangladesh 2023 & 2024

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At present, hard disk is mostly used as a computer storage. People buy hard disk according to their needs and choice. Price mainly varies on configuration.

Hard Disk Type:

Desktop hard disks are ideal for PCs and are usually connected via the SATA interface.

Laptop hard disks are specially designed for laptops and are small in size.

Server hard disk has high rotation speeds as well as strong performance and long service life.

Portable hard disk can be carried anywhere and the data is transferred via USB.

Hard Disk Size:

Now 1TB hard disk is the most common for PCs. 2TB hard disk will soon be defacto standard. Now most are using 4TB hard disk to 10 TB hard disks for gaming and graphics storage.

A few days ago, 500 GB hard disk was more popular. Many PCs still have this hard disk. Hard disks of this size are still used, especially for low budget PCs.

320 GB hard disk is slightly older but many older PCs still have hard disks of this size installed.

160 GB hard disk is rare in Bangladesh but many still consider it useful for earlier compatibility and very low price.

Hard Disk Speed:

The more the rpm, the better the performance. The price of 7200 RPM is comparatively high but if you have budget, you should definitely go for 7200 RPM becuase of high-speed disk spinning, it reads data faster.

What is the price of Hard Disk Drive?

Lowest price of the hard disk in Bangladesh is around 1000 Taka which is good for small budget PC and CCTV recorder.

The price is also depends on the brand, the rotation speed and the size of the disk. Various sizes of HDD in Bangladesh is available at a competitive price.

Lowest price of 1 to 300 GB is 800 Taka
Lowest price of 301 to 500 GB is 1040 Taka

Lowest price of 1 TB to 2 TB is 3,500 to 3,800 Taka

Lowest price of 3 TB to 4 TB is 4,500 to 6,800 Taka

Lowest price of 6 TB is 11,800 Taka in Bangladesh

Also, various brands are also available in Bangladesh and pricing also varies for brands.