Hard Disk (HDD) Price in Bangladesh 2021

At present, hard disk is mostly used as a computer storage. People buy hard disk according to their needs and choice. Price mainly varies on configuration.

Hard Disk is one of the main component of PC. It is connected to the motherboard with the help of a SATA cable.

Price of HDD depends on the category. There are two types of HDD available. One is internal desktop, another is portable.

Hard disk price 2020 is given below based on capacity and cache.

Lowest price up to 1TB 3400 Taka
Lowest price up to 2TB 3700 Taka
Lowest price up to 3TB 5000 Taka
Lowest price up to 4TB 7900 Taka

Which one should you buy 5400 or 7200 RPM ?

The more the rpm, the better the performance. The price of 7200rpm is comparatively high but if you have budget, you should definitely go for 7200 RPM becuase of high-speed disk spinning, it reads data faster. However, a new technology called Solid State Drive performs better than disk storage.