Toshiba Hard Disk Price in Bangladesh

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Toshiba brand is on top of the list of best hard disk brands in Bangladesh. Because Toshiba is able to provide high-quality hard disks at an affordable price. Currently, Toshiba hard disk is widely used in Bangladesh for storing CCTV footage as well as data storage for desktop PC. Recently, Toshiba 500GB HDD, Toshiba 1TB HDD, and Toshiba 2TB HDD are available on at a low price.

How much does Toshiba Hard disk cost?

Toshiba hard disk price in Bangladesh vary based on type, capacity, connectivity, RPM, and data buffer. Currently, the price of Toshiba hard disk in BD starts from a minimum of 1,000 BDT which is a 500GB capacity laptop hard disk. On the other hand, Toshiba 1TB HDD price in BD starts from 2,200 BDT and comes with 7200 RPM speed. Moreover, one has to spend at least 4,000 BDT in BD to buy a Toshiba 2TB HDD.

Why use Toshiba HDD?

1. Toshiba hard disk helps the computer to run relatively fast and smoothly.

2. Toshiba hard disk is made of high-quality material so it can store and protect data for a long period of time.

3. The casing of the Toshiba hard disk is made of stainless steel material, thus it is completely rustproof.

4. Toshiba hard disk is compatible with any computer setup and can be used for a long time.

5. Even, Toshiba hard disk can be easily used with computer workstations or 24/7 working computers.

6. The RPM speed of the Toshiba hard disk ranges from 5400 RPM to 7200 RPM. And, the cache buffer of the Toshiba hard disk is relatively large.

Can the Toshiba HDD be used as a portable hard disk?

Usually, Toshiba laptop hard disk is used as a portable hard disk using hard drive enclosures. Moreover, nowadays Toshiba desktop HDD can be used as portable hard disks using enclosures tailored to the size. However, a good quality hard disk enclosure must be used for long-term use of Toshiba hard disk as a portable hard disk. And, to get high data transfer rates, one should choose HDD enclosures with at least USB 3.0 connectivity.