Wall Clock Price in Bangladesh

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Best Wall Clock Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best wall clock list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best wall clock list has been created based on the interest for wall clock buyers of BD Stall.

Wall Clock Model Price in BD
G63 Smart Light Sound Machine with Alarm Clock ৳ 780
Digital Alarm Clock ৳ 499
Casio TMR-71-7JH Four-Button White Digital Alarm Clock ৳ 7,500
Wooden Wall Clock ৳ 1,200
Gitter Shape Wooden Wall Clock ৳ 1,250
Wooden Wall Cup Clock ৳ 850
Round Shape Wooden Wall Clock ৳ 1,000
JH3615 Digital Red LED Wall Clock ৳ 1,350
JH3615 Digital Green LED Wall Clock ৳ 1,450
Casio CX-808 LED Screen Digital Thermometer Wall Desk Clock ৳ 1,250