Thickness Gauge Price in Bangladesh 2023 & 2024

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Thickness gauge is used to measure the thickness of any material. In particular, thickness gauge is widely used in engineering and manufacturing fields in Bangladesh to ensure the proper thickness and quality of any material. Currently, different type and quality of thickness gauge is available in BD as per requirement, the price of which is determined based on the type and quality. Moreover, thickness gauge can be procured from at an affordable price.

How much does Thickness Gauge cost?

Currently, thickness gauge price in BD is determined based on its type, quality, and features. Thickness gauge price in Bangladesh starts from TK 650 which is an analog metal screw gauge. On the other hand, the coating thickness gauge price starts from TK 3,800 which includes a digital LCD display. Also, according to the requirement, various thickness gauge with smart technology is available in Bangladesh, which is relatively expensive.

How many type of Thickness Gauge is available in Bangladesh?

Based on the requirements, mainly some type of thickness gauge is widely used in Bangladesh. Discussed in detail:

Material Thickness Gauge: Material thickness gauge is used to measure the thickness of any material. Material thickness gauge is usually of several type such as micrometer screw gauge and slide caliper. This type of thickness gauge is commonly used in the engineering and manufacturing field in Bangladesh to accurately measure the thickness of various materials.

Digital Thickness Gauge: Digital thickness gauge is like a normal material thickness gauge but can measure the thickness of any material easily and in less time. Moreover, digital thickness gauge includes a digital LCD display, thus increasing its demand in Bangladesh at a massive rate. Also, digital thickness gauge is relatively expensive.

Coating Thickness Gauge: Coating thickness gauge is used to measure the thickness of paint or layer of any material on the surface of a material. The coating thickness gauge includes digital LCD display as well as various advanced features that play a major role in measuring the layer thickness of any material. Coating thickness gauge is widely used in BD.

Moreover, there are various types of thickness gauge commonly used in Bangladesh, including wire and sheet metal thickness gauge and ultrasonic thickness gauge. However, this type of thickness gauge works like a material and coating gauge and is usually named differently because of the special features included.

How to use Thickness Gauge?

Usage rules for thickness gauges vary depending on the type of thickness gauge. However, anyone can easily use the thickness gauge by following the user guide that comes with the thickness gauge. Moreover, some simple step for using a thickness gauge is mentioned which will be helpful while using a thickness gauge.

3 easy steps to use Material Thickness Gauge

  • Step 1: In case of material thickness gauge, take it in hand and insert the thickness of the material to be measured between the two ends.
  • Step 2: Bring the two ends of the material thickness gauge together manually or digitally.
  • Step 3: If a display is included, the display will show the measured specific thickness. And, the thickness measurement should be understood by looking at the scale number of the analog material thickness gauge.

3 easy steps to use Coating Thickness Gauge

  • Step 1: Turn on the coating thickness gauge.
  • Step 2: Touch the sensor where the thickness of the layer to be measured is and apply a little pressure. Or, if the coating thickness gauge has a separate sensor wire like a stethoscope, touch the sensor wire to a specific spot and apply a little pressure.
  • Step 3: The layer thickness will be displayed on the LCD display of the coating thickness gauge.

What should be considered before buying a Thickness Gauge?

There are a few things to consider before purchasing a thickness gauge. The details are mentioned below:

1. A variety of thickness gauge is available in BD. Therefore, the type of thickness gauge must be selected as per the requirement before purchase.

2. If the thickness gauge is equipped with a digital display, check that it displays accurate results.

3. It should be checked whether the thickness gauge specification is included in the required ratio.

4. Before buying a thickness gauge in BD you must consider its quality. Because the better its quality, the longer it can be used comfortably.

5. Moreover, in addition to considering some factors, one should have an idea about the price of thickness gauge in Bangladesh market and its quality compatibility.