Telescope Price in Bangladesh

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Telescope Buying in Bangladesh

Everyone has an interest and desire to know about the universe. A telescope is needed to see all the planets, satellites, stars that exist in the solar system from Earth. Students are being taught and taught about the solar system including Moon, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn in every educational institution in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, they are sometimes called monocular lenses because they have one eyepiece.

How many types of telescopes are available in Bangladesh?

There are two types of telescopes available in Bangladesh. These are:

  • Refracting telescope
  • Reflecting telescope

What is a refracting telescope?

Refracting telescopes operate primarily by exploiting refraction. Two lenses are used in this telescope, one is large and the other is small. The large lens is at the end of the tube, called the objective lens. The small lens at the beginning of the tube is called the actor lens.

What is a reflecting telescope?

Reflecting telescopes use the law of reflection. It uses two mirrors or reflectors instead of a lens. Reflecting telescopes collect more light than any other telescope in the world. Images taken by the reflecting telescope appear ten times clearer than those taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

What to know before buying a telescope?

Before buying a telescope, it is important to know a few things. Because if you don't know what should be in the telescope and what should be avoided, the telescope cannot be bought properly. So before buying a telescope it is important to know the following things:


Before buying a telescope, you should first know about its capabilities. That is, how clear and bright it can show. Different power telescopes are available in Bangladesh but they also differ in terms of power. A telescope's capabilities include not only clear images but also knowing what kind of telescope it is. In Bangladesh they are generally available as 20X, 30X, 40X, 50X etc. However, the power of the telescope depends on the following three factors

  • Resolving power
  • Light gathering power
  • Magnifying power


The eyepiece in a telescope is a hole through which light passes. The diameter of the probe is expressed in millimeters and sometimes in inches, eg, 1 inch = 25.4 millimeters. Its diameter is usually 2.8 inches or more. However, larger ones produce better clear images than smaller ones. Basically the power of the telescope lens depends on the size of the object. The ability of a telescope lens to focus light rays is proportional to the size of the object and the more light rays the telescope can focus, the clearer the image is formed. So before buying a telescope, you need to know about the eyepiece.


The focus of a telescope is expressed in terms of ratio. And the focal ratio of a telescope is the ratio of the focal length to the telescope's focal length. Basically the focal length is the distance from the center of light to the main focus or secondary focus. The smaller the focal ratio of the telescope, the brighter the image. Before buying the telescope of choice, one must know about the focus.


In addition to buying the telescope, you must buy the tripod separately. The function of this tripod is to hold the telescope in a fixed position evenly. If you don't have a tripod, you can see equally well with a telescope. It is better to buy a tripod to avoid crooked scenes. However, some telescopes are also available in Bangladesh with a tripod.

How much does the telescope cost in BD?

Telescope price in BD starts from just Tk. 2,260. It can provide up to 22 degree field of view. This telescope has an objective lens of 52 mm. Apart from this, different types of telescopes are available in BD. The price of a telescope depends on the telescope type, size, focal length, power and other features.