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৳ 15,500
19 hours ago
Toa A-2060 High Performance 60 Watt Mixer Power Amplifier

Toa A-2060 mixer power amplifier provides high cost-performance, 60 watt output, input mic 1 - 3 with -60 dB, 600 Ω,...

৳ 4,500
19 hours ago
Shidu 10 Watt RMS Output High Regulation Voice Amplifier

Shidu high regulation voice amplifier has 10 watt RMS output, 50 meter wireless distance, over 500 square meter sound...

৳ 8,000
6 days ago
Boway SH -221URBT Mini Rechargeable Wireless Amplifier

Boway SH -221URBT mini amplifier has wireless connectivity, built in rechargeable battery, 6.5mm dynamic microphone,...

৳ 20,000
9 days ago
Toa A-2120 Phantom Power Muting Function Amplifire System

Toa A-2120 amplifire sound system has electronically balanced microphone input option, 2 AUX inputs and recording...

৳ 35,000
9 days ago
Bosch Plena PLE1ME120 Four Mic Input Mixing Amplifire

Bosch Plena PLE1ME120 mixing amplifire has 4 microphone / line inputs - plus 3 music source inputs, 100 V and telephone...

৳ 55,000
20 hours ago
Toa A1724 High Performance 6-Microphone Input Amplifier

Toa A1724 high performance amplifier has equipped with 6 microphone inputs and 5 AUX inputs - simultaneous use of 9...

৳ 8,000
9 days ago
Unipex SA2017 Noise Cancellation Portable Meeting Amplifire

Unipex SA2017 portable meeting amplifire has 200-270 MHz frequency, multiple silent installations to avoid signal...

৳ 42,000
19 hours ago
Toa A-2240 Five Channel Wide Frequency Mixer Power Amplifier

Toa A-2240 high cost-performance mixer power amplifier has five channel integrated mixer amplifiers for paging and...

৳ 10,000
19 hours ago
Toa A-2030 High Performance 30 Watt Mixer Power Amplifier

Toa A-2030 high cost-performance mixer power amplifier suited for broadcasting paging or background music in schools /...

৳ 20,000
1 day ago
Ahuja SSA-250 Mixer PA Amplifier for PA System

Signal noise ratio 60dB, tone controls bass 10dB at 100Hz, treble 10dB at 10kHz, outputs preamp 200mV / 600Ω, speaker...