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Toa A-2060 High Performance 60 Watt Mixer Power Amplifier

Toa A-2060 mixer power amplifier provides high cost-performance, 60 watt output, input mic 1 - 3 with -60 dB, 600 Ω,...

৳ 14,500
28 days ago
Ahuja SSB-120 PA Amplifier

Medium power, cut type bass and treble control amplifier, 5 mic and 2 aux Input, 4Ω / 8Ω / 16Ω, 70V and 100V...

৳ 83,000
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TOA A-1360MK2 High Booster PA Amplifier

Power LED and indicator, signal LED finish, 60 Hz power source, 360 watts rated output, 350 watt power consumption, 50...

৳ 20,000
2 days ago
Ahuja SSA-250 Mixer PA Amplifier for PA System

Signal noise ratio 60dB, tone controls bass 10dB at 100Hz, treble 10dB at 10kHz, outputs preamp 200mV / 600Ω, speaker...

৳ 20,000
16 days ago
Toa A-2120 Phantom Power Muting Function Amplifire System

Toa A-2120 amplifire sound system has electronically balanced microphone input option, 2 AUX inputs and recording...

৳ 35,000
16 days ago
Bosch Plena PLE1ME120 Four Mic Input Mixing Amplifire

Bosch Plena PLE1ME120 mixing amplifire has 4 microphone / line inputs - plus 3 music source inputs, 100 V and telephone...

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Toa A2120 High Cost-Performance Mixer Power Amplifier

A-2120 is a high cost-performance mixer power amplifier, equipped with balanced mic inputs for better isolation from...

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Toa A-2030 High Performance 30 Watt Mixer Power Amplifier

Toa A-2030 high cost-performance mixer power amplifier suited for broadcasting paging or background music in schools /...

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Toa A-2240 Five Channel Wide Frequency Mixer Power Amplifier

Toa A-2240 high cost-performance mixer power amplifier has five channel integrated mixer amplifiers for paging and...

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Toa A1724 High Performance 6-Microphone Input Amplifier

Toa A1724 high performance amplifier has equipped with 6 microphone inputs and 5 AUX inputs - simultaneous use of 9...

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16 days ago
Boway SH -221URBT Mini Rechargeable Wireless Amplifier

Boway SH -221URBT mini amplifier has wireless connectivity, built in rechargeable battery, 6.5mm dynamic microphone,...

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Ahuja SSA-250 PA Mixer Amplifier

Tone control bass 10dB at 100Hz, 6 mic & 2 aux input, signal noise ratio 60dB, speaker output 4Ω, treble 10dB at...

৳ 8,000
18 days ago
Boway SH-221 Portable Wireless Remote Control Amplifier

Boway SH-221 portable amplifier has wireless connectivity, built-in rechargeable battary, USB input port, lightweight...

৳ 8,000
16 days ago
Unipex SA2017 Noise Cancellation Portable Meeting Amplifire

Unipex SA2017 portable meeting amplifire has 200-270 MHz frequency, multiple silent installations to avoid signal...

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4 months ago
High Quality Noise Free Digital to Analog Audio Converter

Provides electromagnetic noise free transmission, converts Coaxial or toslink digital audio signals to analog L/R...