Amplifier Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Amplifier Buying in Bangladesh

An amplifier is an electrical circuit that is available in the market in the form of a device that can increase the electrical power of an input signal. It helps to generate sound in the speaker. Amplifiers are seen with various sound systems in Bangladesh.

What is the price of amplifier in Bangladesh?

The price of the amplifier in Bangladesh is only 11,000 Tk. It is a 60 watt amplifier. It supports 6.3 mm phone jack, provides input and output in RCA technology. It can control volume, deliver FM and bass to the speakers at the right level. This amplifier will play a special role in providing the necessary electrical power and high quality audio to the speakers in a mosque or a convention room.

What is mini amplifier used in Bangladesh?

It is known as mini amplifier as it is small in size. It is an ideal amplifier for teachers, sales promotion, tour guides etc. It is easily fastened around the waist with a belt. It also has many features. The price of mini amplifier in Bangladesh is only 3,000 Tk. This mini amplifier will play a great role with the speaker to provide any notice that is urgent. The use of mini amplifier is seen a lot in Bangladesh.

Are all amplifiers the same quality?

Almost every amplifier in the market in Bangladesh has the same working pattern and they are also similar in terms of features. However, although the characteristics are almost the same, they are qualitatively different. Therefore, the quality of an amplifier should be selected to select the right amplifier for use. Below are some of the qualities of the amplifier:

Bandwidth: Bandwidth is the frequency range an amplifier works best with.

Noise: Noise is the amount of unwanted extra sound included in the output.

Slew Rate: Slew rate is the maximum limit of output variation.

Gain: Gain is the ratio of the magnitude of the output to the input signal.

Stability: The stability of an amplifier is its ability to provide continuous output.

Linearity: Linearity is the ratio of how much input power is converted into output power.

Efficiency: The rate at which output power is converted into noise is called efficiency.

Output Dynamic Range: The ratio of the largest and smallest effective output levels is called the output dynamic range.

What kind of amplifiers are available in Bangladesh?

There are many different types of amplifiers in terms of specifications. This amplifier should be purchased based on usage.

Power Amplifier: All types of speakers can be driven with this type of amplifier. It can even be used on mics, loudspeakers, and all kinds of high power speakers. It is available everywhere in Bangladesh. You can choose according to the price, speaker capacity.

Voice Control Amplifier:

The main function of the voice control amplifier is to deliver different speech clearly to the speaker. Voice control amplifier is used more in mosques, madrasas, schools, colleges, seminars, meetings in Bangladesh. The price of voice control amplifier in Bangladesh is very low.

Mixer Amplifier:

Mixing multiple audios perfectly together to deliver them to the speakers is the job of the mixer amplifier. Mixer amplifiers are widely used in various stage programs in Bangladesh. Also, mixer amplifiers are used where many people gather in large spaces or open fields.