Drawing Room

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৳ 5,000
1 day ago
Inflatable 5-in-1 Double Air Bed Sofa Cum Chair

Inflatable 5 in 1 double air bed sofa has 76 x 60 x 25 inch dimensions, can use in different functions, easily...

৳ 6,500
1 day ago
5-in-1 Air-O-Space Sofa Cum Bed

5-in-1 air-o-space sofa cum bed has 60 x 80 x 7 inch queen bed size, 60 x 40 x 14 inch sofa size, 3 seat sofa, recliner...

৳ 3,800
1 day ago
Comfortable Flocked 2-in-1 Air Chair and Footrest Sofa

2-in-1 air chair and footrest sofa has portable and versatile inflatable chair with footrest, comfortable flocked...

৳ 7,200
5 months ago
Air-O-Space Sofa Bed 5-in-1 Space Saving Attractive Design

Air-O-Space sofa bed 5-in-1. It is an ultimate seating and sleeping solution, it provides more space in small living...