Pantone Book Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Pantone Book Buying in Bangladesh

Pantone Book is mainly made by Pantone company, which is mainly used by fashion designers, manufacturers, and painting artists. This type of book usually helps in identifying, observing, and combining colors correctly. Additionally, the Pantone Book provides an extensive collection of colors and precise formulations that help professional designers work consistently across a variety of materials and platforms. Currently, various models of Pantone Book including Textile Paper Green, Textile Paper Metallic and FHIC300A, FHIC 110A, FHIC 200A, FGP200, GP1601A, FFN100 used in fashion and home interior design is available at an affordable price in Bangladesh.

Why is Pantone Book used?

1. Assists in ensuring color consistency with graphic design on various materials including branding, logos, and packaging.

2. Helps to consider the right color in digital design, product design, and printing.

3. The Pantone book contains specific ink formulations and color swatches that are quite useful for choosing the right color.

4. Offers a wide range of colors, including solid colors, metallic pastels, and nylons, which provide striking visuals in a variety of designs.

5. The Pantone book provides various color swatches as well as helps in creating CMYK, and RGB color combinations.

What series of Pantone Book is available?

Pantone FGP Color Guide Series: This series of Book is mainly used for home furnishings, cosmetics, products, and painting. This series of Pantone Book mainly helps in selecting ideal colors for non-fabric materials.

Pantone FHI Series: Pantone Book of this series is mainly used in textile and apparel design as well as home and office interior design. Because the Pantone FHI series book contains 2625 colors and each color has a single chip.

Pantone Metallics Series: Pantone Book in this series provides approximately 655 metallic-like colors, including gold, silver, and bronze. Which is used in packaging, product design, branding, and signage.

Pantone Nylon Series: The Pantone Book of this series provides different color shades of nylon, which provide interesting visuals for different designs.

Pantone TCX Series: Pantone Book in this series provides pure cotton swatches of different colors and the swatches are made entirely of cotton.

Pantone GP Coated-Uncoated Series: This series of Pantone Book contains a handheld deck, 2161 Pantone colors, and 294 new Pantone colors, which can be used on both coated and uncoated paper.

How much does Pantone Book cost?

Pantone Book is generally available within a budget of Tk 13,000 to Tk 25,000 in Bangladesh. However, Pantone Book price in Bangladesh varies depending on the series, model, number of colors, usage patterns, etc. Moreover, the price of Pantone Book used in fashion design, home or office interior design starts from Tk 60,000 in Bangladesh.