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Hand Gloves Buying in Bangladesh

Hand Gloves are a well-known and essential material that is used in various fields. Hand gloves are a useful and essential item in many jobs. Hand gloves made of various materials are used to keep oneself safe, especially from harmful germs and chemicals, so these are commonly known as safety hand gloves. Currently, hand gloves made of different materials are available in Bangladesh as per the requirement. Moreover, one can buy different types of hand gloves at a cheap price from

What is the price of Hand Gloves in Bangladesh?

The price of hand gloves in Bangladesh is determined based on the type, quality, materials, etc. Currently, buying hand gloves in Bangladesh costs at least BDT 50 which is chemical hand gloves made of rubber. The price of hand gloves made of silicone starts from a minimum of BDT 300. Moreover, buying winter hand gloves costs more than BDT 100 depending on the material. On the other hand, one has to spend at least more than BDT 4,500 to buy hand gloves made of metal which is generally used for industrial work.

How many types of Hand Gloves available in Bangladesh?

There are several types of hand gloves available in Bangladesh based on the type of work and the material these are made of. Discussed in detail:

Polythene Hand Gloves: Polythene hand gloves are commonly used to maintain hygiene in food stalls or restaurants. Polyethylene hand gloves are even provided with various products so that the product can be used properly without direct hand contact. Polyethylene hand gloves are also known as one-time hand gloves in Bangladesh. Polythene hand gloves in Bangladesh are available in a 100-piece box or a 200-piece bundle for just BDT 60 depending on the quality.

Rubber Hand Gloves: Hand Gloves made of rubber are basically rubber hand gloves that are resistant to chemicals and are generally used in chemical handling, oil refining, agricultural work, food processing, printing industry, etc. industries. Moreover, most chemical factories and printing industries require the use of rubber hand gloves to protect against exposure to harmful chemicals and dyes. And, rubber hand gloves are commonly known as chemical hand gloves or industrial hand gloves in Bangladesh. The price of rubber hand gloves in Bangladesh varies depending on the quality.

Surgical Hand Gloves: Surgical hand gloves are made of various polymers including latex, nitrile rubber, polyvinyl chloride, and neoprene. Additionally, surgical gloves are sterile, and cornstarch powder is used in surgical gloves to facilitate removal and reduce the risk of glove tears. Surgical hand gloves are usually worn by doctors and assistants during any type of surgery on a patient in a hospital. The price of surgical hand gloves in Bangladesh is at least BDT 70 to 100 per pair.

Laboratory Hand Gloves: Materials such as butyl rubber, natural latex rubber, polychloroprene, nitrile, polyethylene, and PVC are used in the manufacture of laboratory gloves. Laboratory gloves are commonly used in scientific laboratories or diagnostic laboratories when observing and testing hazardous materials, chemicals of unknown toxicity, corrosive materials, very hot or very cold materials, and rough or sharp objects. The price of laboratory gloves in Bangladesh is similar to surgical gloves.

Winter Hand Gloves: Winter hand gloves can be used to keep the hands adequately warm during winter. Winter hand gloves made of cloth, leather, wool, etc. are used in Bangladesh. It will cost at least BDT 700 to buy winter hand gloves made of leather in Bangladesh. On the other hand, one needs to spend a minimum of BDT 150 to buy winter hand gloves made of cloth or wool.

Metal Mesh Hand Gloves: Stainless steel mesh is used to make metal mesh hand gloves. Metal mesh hand gloves are commonly used in various fields including textile cutting and sheet metal manufacturing factories. Metal mesh hand gloves are cut-resistant and are widely used in high-risk areas.

Best Hand Gloves Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best hand gloves list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best hand gloves list has been created based on the interest for hand gloves buyers of BD Stall.

Hand Gloves Model Price in BD
Stainless Steel Gloves Whiting Davis of France ৳ 3,500
Magic Silicone Dishwashing Hand Gloves ৳ 290
Metal Hand Gloves ৳ 5,500
Leather Welding Hand Gloves ৳ 200
Chemical Resistant Unlined Hand Gloves ৳ 130
Garden Gloves with ABS Plastic & Rubber Polyester ৳ 550
Mallcom P313G Cut Resistant Work Hand Gloves ৳ 480