Hand Gloves

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৳ 800
12 days ago
EDI Examination Gloves

Smooth surface, examination hand gloves for medical / virus / bacteria, nitrile rubber material, X / M / L size, 100...

৳ 4,500
8 days ago
Metal Hand Gloves

Metal Hand Gloves made in china.

৳ 250
14 hours ago
Plain Disposable PE Gloves

High density polyethylene material, 12-inch width, protect from viruses / dust and particles, 100 pieces in 1 box,...

৳ 50
3 days ago
Plastic Disposable Hand Gloves

Made of plastic, disposable hand gloves, 100 pieces in 1 box.

৳ 700
1 day ago
DR.BOBO Powder Sterile Latex Gloves

Smooth surface, suitable for medical treatment related works, medium size, 100 pieces in 1 box, easily fit into your...

৳ 450
1 day ago
Mallcom P313G Cut Resistant Work Hand Gloves

Ergonomically design ensures natural shape of the hand, increase comfort and reduce hand fatigue, cut resistant protect...

৳ 3,700
16 hours ago
Honeywell Stainless Steel Mailite Hand Glove

Whiting + Davis reversible full hand glove with side slit, dome fastener and anti-microbial polypropylene strap, mesh...

৳ 550
1 day ago
Pro Biker Hand Gloves Motorcycle Rider Durable Material

Pro Biker hand gloves full for motorcycle has heat and tear resistancy, water/ dirt and oil repellency, pre-curved...

৳ 5,500
10 hours ago
Stainless Steel Gloves Whiting Davis of France

Stainless steel gloves, whiting Davis of France , 5 finger, original steel.

৳ 140
3 days ago
Hand Guard 9-Inch Gloves

Rubber material, 9 inch gloves with high quality chemical resistant.

৳ 320
1 day ago
Magic Silicone Dishwashing Hand Gloves

Silicone gloves very useful for cleaning everyday, flexible to wear, protect your hand completely from free of germs...

৳ 230
8 days ago
Chemical Resistant Unlined Hand Gloves

Chemical resistant unlined hand gloves has about 13-inch size length, ± 0.70 mm thickness, usable for chemical...

৳ 450
17 hours ago
Mallcom Cut Resistant Gloves with Level 5 Protection

Aramid fiber material, large size, black color, full fingered wear, unisex, available in 13 gauge, cut level 5,...

৳ 750
12 days ago
Latex Examination Powder Gloves

Smooth and strong surface, including in powder gloves, alternative for sensitive skin, S / M / L size, 100 pieces in 1...

৳ 950
1 day ago
Panyos Nitrile Hand Gloves

Ambidextrous, non-sterile gloves with smooth feeling and ideal for long time working, premiere quality, smart blue.

৳ 1,070
17 days ago
Comfit Examination Gloves

Comfit surgical hand gloves protection from unwanted or potentially dangerous substances for both healthcare...

৳ 650
1 day ago
Quality Gard Examination Gloves

Ultra soft construction stretches to fit your hand, smooth surface, powder free, 100% latex free, non-sterile,...

৳ 600
3 days ago
Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl powder-free gloves, non-sterile, ambidextrous, latex-free, single use only, made in China. 100 pieces in 1 box.

৳ 80
12 days ago
Fresher Disposable Hand Gloves

One time hand gloves from high quality food grade raw material, 100 pieces in 1 box.

৳ 750
12 days ago
Latex Examination Powder Free Gloves

Smooth surface, powder-free, alternative for sensitive skin, S / M / L size, 100 pieces in 1 box, made in Malaysia.