Multi Plug Price in Bangladesh

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Multi Plug Buying in Bangladesh

The use of multi-plugs is everywhere in Bangladesh. It is basically known as multi plug as it supplies power to multiple sockets through one plug. But many people call it extension wire because many multi-plugs have long wires connected to them, so that electrical connections can be made to places far away from wall sockets.

What to look for before buying a multi plug?

1. Socket: Before buying a multi plug, its pin must match the pin of the wall socket. Multi plugs of thin, thick different pin types are available in Bangladesh and its sockets are commonly known as three-pin socket, two-pin socket and multi-socket in the market.

2. Power Capacity: Multi-plugs used with 220-voltage can deliver up to 3,500 watts of power. Again, not all multi plugs can deliver power at the same rate. So, definitely buy multi plug according to your requirement and electronics device. Multi plug can be customized if more power output is required.

3. Surge Protector: Surge protectors generally protect electronic devices during power surges and lightning strikes. So, when buying a multi-plug for routers or online devices, surge protectors can be purchased.

4. Overload Protector: Overload protector basically protects the electronics device from excessive current flow. If the multi plug does not have an overload protector, the risk of tripping increases during excessive current flow.

5. Indicator Light: Most multi plugs have one or more indicator lights. It is easy to understand whether the power supply is working properly or not by the indicator light. Some multi-plugs have separate indicator light for each socket, so it can be understood separately whether one or more sockets of the multi-plug are receiving power. Multi plugs with more indicator lights should be purchased.

6. Switch: Most multi plugs used in Bangladesh have one or more switches. The multi plug can be turned off by a switch if necessary. Some multi plugs have separate switches for each socket so that specific sockets can be turned on and off when needed and not needed. A multi plug with multiple switches is better.

7. Wiring: Cable quality of multi plug must be of good quality. Cannot be used with high power electronics devices if the cable quality is poor. A weak multi-plug wire may increase the risk of accidents. You should measure the length of the cable according to your requirements and buy a multi plug. Again, you can buy a wireless multi plug if needed.

What does multi plug volt meter do?

Most of the multi plugs or multi sockets available in Bangladesh have a volt meter. Most multi-plugs have analog volt meters that measure and display the power voltage, making it easy to monitor power movement. Also, some multi plugs have digital LCD volt meter that display power voltage information.

Why do you need a good multi-plug?

At present, small to big fires are seen in various places in Bangladesh, most of which are caused by loose connections and short circuits. Again, using a weak multi-plug can damage your valuable electronics. Hence, good quality multi plug must be used to prevent short circuit.

Should I buy multi plugs with fuse?

Some good multi plugs available in Bangladesh have fuse. These can prevent common power surge thereby protecting electronics devices from damage. These are slightly more expensive.

Some precautions of using multi plug:

  • Keep multi-plug with long cords out of reach of children.
  • Cover unused ports with tape. Some multi plugs have automatic covers.
  • If you smell any burning smell, check the multi plug immediately and replace if necessary.
  • Each multi plug has a rated capacity so do not over load as this can cause fatal accidents.
  • For high load work, hand-made multi-plugs with long wires can be made.
  • Multi plugs with surge protectors can be purchased for expensive devices.

What is the price of multi plug in BD?

The price of multi plug in Bangladesh is usually determined based on the number of ports of multi plug, cable length of multi plug, structure of multi plug. Multi plugs are available in BD from Tk 200 to Tk 3,000.