Sand Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Sand Buying in Bangladesh

Sand is an important material for construction work. Soil is called sand only if 85% of its total material consists of sand particles. Sand is mainly used in construction work to make plaster or brick walls. Sand is used as an aggregate to create a strong bond between cement and brick. which fills the voids of concrete or brick walls.

How many types of sand are available in Bangladesh?

Sand is found in the seas and rivers and riverine areas of Bangladesh. Sand is used for different purposes based on its size. The unit of measurement of sand is called finesse modulus which is symbolically expressed by FM. Three types of sand are available depending on size, shape, and use.

Local Sand: Local sand is collected from natural sources. This sand looks white. Local sand is generally 1.2 to 1.8 FM in size. This type of sand is usually mixed with red sand and used for casting. And, local sand is used in the construction of walls, in brickwork, and for plastering the walls of houses.

Vita Sand: Vita sand is 0.5 to 0.7 FM in size. This sand is black in color due to some soil mixed in it. Vita soil is used to fill low land during the construction of new houses. Such sand is sold as CFT and per car. As this sand is not used for construction purposes, it is available at a low cost.

Sylhet Sand or Red Sand: This sand is found especially in the Sylhet region, hence it is known as Sylhet sand. Sylhet sand is also known as red sand due to its fine and red color. The size of red sand is 2.3 to 2.8 FM. This type of sand is commonly used as base sand in the construction of above-ground swimming pools and for paving floors with retaining walls. Mainly, red sand is extracted from several areas including Bisnakandi and Bholaganj in Sylhet. Also, red sand is found in some areas of Mymensingh region. However, the red sand of Sylhet is of better quality than the red sand of Mymensingh.

Precautions before buying sand.

Sand is one of the most important materials in construction work, so there are certain things to be aware of before buying sand.

  • Among the sands, angular sand is better than round sand.
  • A small amount of local sand should be placed between two fingers and rubbed and if there is dust on the hands then this sand is dusty sand. Which is not suitable for molding work.
  • Sometimes vita sand is supplied instead of local sand. So, must check before and after purchase.
  • Be careful while buying Sylhet sand. Because instead of Sylhet sand, the dead stone powder is supplied.
  • Sea sand has some salt mixed in it, so it can be tested by taking a small amount of sand in the mouth. If the sand has a lot of salt in it, it cannot be bought.
  • Before buying local sand, you must know from which area you are getting sand. The local sand of Tangail Bhuapur is the best in Dhaka.
  • If the sand is bought as a car then the capacity of the car must be measured properly. And, if you buy sand as a vehicle, you should use a dump truck instead of a small car. Because, if you buy sand in a small car, the size is reduced.
  • Usually, low-quality Sylhet sand is available locally so check before buying.

What is the price of sand in Bangladesh?

Sand in Bangladesh is available at different prices based on quality, extraction location, and type. The price of local sand ranges from Tk 17 to Tk 27 per CFT. And, prices of Sylhet sand or red sand range from Tk 37 to Tk 52 per CFT based on size. However, vita sand is available at the cheapest price. vita sand is available between Tk 8 and Tk 10 per CFT.

Best Sand Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for June, 2024

Sand Model Price in BD
Bhuapur Mota Bali ৳ 33
Durgapur Selection Sand 2.5 ৳ 68
Bhuapur Sand ৳ 34
Bhuyapur Sada Mota Astor Plaster Balu ৳ 33
Sylhet Lal Bali ৳ 69
Durgapur Selection Sand ৳ 70
Astor Bali ৳ 32
Durgapur Lal Bali (Red Sand) ৳ 72
Durgapur Sand 2.5 ৳ 55
Tangail Bhuapur Sand ৳ 25