Power Bank

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৳ 1,445
23 hours ago
Baseus Esazi-A01 Portable 10000mAh LED Display Power Bank

Baseus Esazi-A01 portable power bank has 10000mAh Li-polymer battery, 2 USB charging port, LED screen display, dual...

৳ 2,050
23 hours ago
Baseus PPALL-EX01 Qi 8000mAh Wireless Charger Power Bank

Baseus PPALL-EX01 Qi wireless charger power bank has 8000 mAh capacity, PC+ABS material, 2 micro USB ports, 5V/2A...

৳ 1,199
1 day ago
Xiaomi Mi V2 10000mAh Capacity Fast Charging Power Bank

Xiaomi Mi V2 power bank has 10000mAh battery capacity, 18 watt fast charging, input current 5.0V2.0A, output current...

৳ 2,000
2 days ago
Xiaomi Mi 2C 20000mAh Large Capacity Portable Power Bank

Xiaomi Mi 2C portable power bank has 20000mAh large battery capacity, bi-directional QC 3.0 quick charge, high-density...

৳ 2,149
23 hours ago
Xiaomi Mi 20000mAh 2C High Quality Mobile Power Bank

Xiaomi mi mobile power bank has 20000 mAh 2C battery capability, 3.6V battery rated voltage, 2 x 2.0 micro USB ports,...

৳ 1,200
2 days ago
Romoss Solit 5 High Performance 10000 mAh Power Bank

Romoss solit 5 high performance power bank has 10000 mAh battery capacity, DC5V 2.1A input voltage, micro USB...

৳ 1,200
1 month ago
Value Top VT-9002 Ultra Slim Power Bank

Lithium-polymer with protection chip set battery, 5000mAh battery, 3-way input and output security.

৳ 1,250
1 month ago
Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 USB-A 10000 mAh Li-Polymer Battery

Xiaomi Mi power bank 2 has 10000 mAh li-polymer battery, USB-A, 3.85V power, portability, power bank 2 size 130 x 71 x...

৳ 700
2 months ago
Hame T5 5000mAh Smart Charger Technology Power Bank

Hame T5 portable power bank has 5000 mAh capacity, hame smart charger technology 3.0, over-charge protection,...

৳ 600
2 months ago
Hame X1 4000mAh Slim Polymer Compact Power Bank

Hame X1 compact power bank has 4000 mAh battery capacity, auto PW technology, UV matte coating multi-protection.