Power Bank Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Power Bank Buying in Bangladesh

Currently, power bank users are increasing in Bangladesh along with various technologies. The use of smart devices plays an important role in our daily life. And with more usage, the charge goes down faster. As a result, the device may turn off in an emergency and disrupt important work. Also, when traveling somewhere, electricity is not always present, so it is not possible to charge the device. A power bank is used to keep the device running during these times.

How much does the power bank cost?

Power Bank price in BD starts from Tk 899 and with it any smart device like mobile can be charged 3/4 times. And if it is a fast charge power bank, it will cost a minimum of 1300 Taka in BD and it is usually charged with USB type-C, so the power bank is easily charged and ready. But power bank price depends on its capacity and brand. Because good quality batteries are used in power banks of good brands.

What should be seen?

Good quality power banks are available in Bangladesh at low prices and some important tips before buying:

1. Before buying a power bank, first of all you need to know about the capacity of the power bank. Because how many times you can charge your device depends on this capacity. Higher capacity power banks are more useful for traveling.

2. The shape of the power bank should be taken care of so that it can be easily carried. The higher the capacity, the higher the weight. So a 10,000 mAh power bank is enough if you travel a lot. And if everyone in the family uses it, it is better to take a little more milliamps. But remember that a slightly heavier power bank is better because it has the right capacity.

3. Currently, some additional features are available in power banks such as digital charge indicator, multiple output ports, power banks with torch light features are very convenient.

4. Current power banks have pass through charging technology so devices can be charged even when the power bank is charged and this type of power bank is available in Bangladesh.

5. You can check if the power bank has fast charging facility or not. If the device you are using supports fast charge, it will take a little longer to charge than normal power banks. But the fast charging power bank can charge the device in a short time. And the price of fast charging power bank in Bangladesh is now very low.