CCTV Camera Full Set, Package Price in Bangladesh

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What is in the CC camera package?

Setting up a CCTV full set requires a good quality CCTV camera as well as a few other things. Below is a brief description of them:

1. CC Camera: CC camera is the eye of the CCTV system so the clearer it is, the better it will be able to capture quality images. The quality of a CC camera depends on its lens, day and night capture, zooming and more.

2. Video Recorder: DVR can be used to store videos that can be read and viewed as needed. The value of DVR depends on the number of channels, video quality, the number of disk-bay.

3. Adapter: Adapter is required to run each CC camera and DVR.

4. Video Balloon: If you need to connect with UTP cable instead of coaxial cable, you will need a video balloon.

5. Cable: Each camera will need the required number of coaxial or UTP cables to connect to the video recorder. However, if you use UTP cable, you can save cable through network switch.

6. Hard Disk: This is basically a video recorder and can be used multiple times at once. In this case it is better to have a good quality surveillance disc.

7. Installation: CC camera, video recorder will need a skilled person to place it in the right place.