Sunglass Price in Bangladesh

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Sunglass Buying in Bangladesh

Sunglasses are everyone's favorite item. Sunglasses are used by many for style, others with doctor's advice, and others to protect against the harsh rays of the sun. Different types of sunglasses are available in Bangladesh for children, boys and girls. Sunglasses are very cheap in Bangladesh.

What should be known before buying sunglasses?

Before buying sunglasses, some things should be known urgently. If you don't know these things, you can't buy the right sunglasses. So below are the things you need to know before buying sunglasses:

1. Before buying ordinary sunglasses, you need to know what kind of sunglasses glass is. Check if there is any power in this glass. Power sunglasses should not be purchased without a doctor's advice.

2. The frame of the sunglasses must match the user's face or the sunglasses will not fit the face.

3. Sunglasses frames for women should be chosen differently. There are various designs of sunglasses available in the current market for women that should be purchased. Because women's sunglasses frames are very light. Heavy frame sunglasses worn by women will stain the top of the nose.

4. If you want to buy power sunglasses, you need to add the correct power glass to the sunglasses as per the doctor's advice.

5. Before buying sunglasses, it is better to check the quality of the glass, frame and weight.

How do I choose sunglasses that suit my look?

By following a few steps, you can easily select the right sunglasses according to your face size. These steps are:

  • If your face shape is long then you should choose rectangular sunglasses.
  • If the face is round, the top of the sunglass frame is slightly curved and the bottom is more suitable if it is round.
  • If the shape of the face is small, any frame of small size will fit if the above two steps are considered.

What is the price of sunglasses in BD?

The sunglasses price starts from just Tk. 250 in BD which has very attractive design frame and high quality rectangular glass used. The highest price of sunglasses in BD is Tk 1,800. The price of a sunglasses is determined based on its frame material, glass quality and frame color.