Power Tiller Price in Bangladesh

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Power Tiller Buying in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an agricultural country. Once upon a time plows were used in agriculture to evenly sow the seeds at the right place and at the right depth. But it wastes a lot of time. With the advancement of modern science, this time can now be greatly reduced by using power tillers. Farmers are more comfortable using power tillers in Bangladesh because both cost and labor are less. The price of power tiller in Bangladesh is very low.

What are the benefits of Power Tiller?

Using power tiller offers many advantages besides sowing seeds in less time. These are:

1. Power tillers ensure good seed germination and adequate number of seedlings per plot, thereby reducing additional costs.

2. Power tillers play an important role in increasing soil fertility.

3. Earlier many seeds were wasted so more seeds were sown than the quantity. But using a power tiller requires about 10-40 percent less seed than conventional methods.

4. Power tillers increase yield by 10-15 percent.

5. Apart from tilled land with power tiller, paddy, wheat, maize, jute, oilseeds and pulses are planted in rows on sandy and sandy loam soils in uncultivated conditions.

6. Row sowing with a power tiller allows the use of other sowing machines without wasting seed.

7. 25 percent less time and cost in tending land with power tiller.

8. There is no alternative to power tillers to make the land cultivable in a very short time.

What is the price of power tiller in Bangladesh?

Power tiller price in Bangladesh starts from just 17,000 Tk. It has 53 cc 2 stroke engine. It consumes only 1 liter of oil in 1 hour 30 minutes. 1 to 1.5 Bigha of land can be cultivated easily per hour. Currently, there are various types of power tillers available in Bangladesh. The price of this power tiller depends on the features of the power tiller.

What part of the power tiller is used for what purpose?

A power tiller consists of several parts. Each of its parts has its own identity and mode of operation. Now let's know what part of Power Tiller works:

Engine: Engine is a device that burns fuel to power the tiller.

Clutch: Clutch supplies the engine power to the gear box and temporarily shuts off the power supply for special needs.

Gear box: The gear box helps to reduce or increase the speed of the power tiller by keeping the engine speed at the right level.

Side clutch lever: The side clutch lever works to rotate the power tiller to the right or left.

Tail wheel adjusting lever: This lever can be raised or lowered to increase or decrease the depth of cultivation.

Is it possible to eliminate unemployment with power tiller?

It is possible to eliminate unemployment by becoming an entrepreneur with Power Tiller. The use of power tiller in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. Because the price of power tiller in Bangladesh is very low and it has many advantages. The demand for power tiller operation and maintenance workers is also increasing day by day. There are various training centers in Bangladesh from where one can get training and earn a living in their own area with practical work experience.

Best Power Tiller Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for June, 2024

Power Tiller Model Price in BD
186FA 10 HP Mini Power Tiller ৳ 87,000
China 13HP Gasoline Mini Power Tiller ৳ 115,000
Rotary Cultivator Mini Power Tiller ৳ 70,000
Hand Push Mini Power Tiller ৳ 19,000
7 HP Mini Walking Power Tiller ৳ 75,000
Medium Size Power Tiller 63cc ৳ 35,900
Powerful Efficient Engine Mini Power Tiller ৳ 120,000
NC-52-Top Mini Power Tiller ৳ 25,000
Mini Power Tiller Machine ৳ 34,500
Spaark MT62 Mini Rotary Power Tiller ৳ 34,000