Projector Price in Bangladesh 2024 - Multimedia & 4K

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Projector Buying in Bangladesh

Before buying a projector in Bangladesh, you should buy a projector keeping in mind many things including the type of projector, the method of the projector, technology, resolution, lumens. Moreover, cheap projectors are now available in Bangladesh so budgeting is important and the quality of projectors also depends on the price range.

What type of projectors should I buy?

Multimedia projectors are widely used for multimedia presentations in classrooms, offices and meetings. Nowadays multimedia projectors are also known as data projectors, digital projectors and video projectors.

Overhead projectors are mainly used in the classroom. Overhead projectors are very easy to use and do not require much skill to operate.

Mini projectors has become popular for its low cost and ease of use. These projectors also have wireless streaming and features like watching TV.

Short-throw projector can project from 3 to 8 feet distance. This can be used in a small space.

3D projector is used to display a three-dimensional or 3D object on a 2D surface. 3D objects are mainly displayed for graphical design elements, engineering drawings, drafts, and computer graphics.

What is the price of the projectors in Bangladesh?

Projector price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 30,000 and are multimedia projectors with HD projection, LCD technology and image sizes up to 300 inches. However, the price of a projector usually depends on its technology, brand, lamp life, and warranty.

Which one is better - DLP, LCD or LED ?

DLP projector technology contains mirrors for projecting images. It has high accuracy without any shadow as well as can produce smooth pictures. Also, DLP projector is much lighter than any other projectors.

LCD projector technology has more brightness than DLP’s brightness and can produce sharper image than DLP projector.

LED projector has limited brightness than LCD and DLP projector.

Projectors of all types of technology are now available in Bangladesh and the prices are relatively low.

Which resolution is better ?

Resolution of a projector indicates how clear and sharp the picture will be. Three ranges of resolution are common in the BD market. The 1280 x 720 and 1280 x 768 are suitable for watching good DVD, blu-ray video or projecting a computer screen. But if you need more clear and sharp image then 1920 x 1080 resolution projectors are perfect for you.

What is ANSI lumen ?

ANSI Lumen is a way to understand the brightness capability of a projector. Projectors with low lumen is perfect for a dark room and projectors containing high lumen are suitable for bright room.

What is projector aspect ratio ?

Aspect ratio means the size of the image. Popular aspect ratios of video projector are 4:3 / XGA & SXGA, 16:10 / WXGA & WUXGA, and 16:9 / standard HDTV 1080p.