Xiaomi Projector Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Xiaomi Projector Buying in Bangladesh

When it comes to buying a projector, the first band that comes to mind is the Xiaomi projector. Because the resolution is very good in Xiaomi projectors. Clear images and videos can be seen on Xiaomi projectors. Xiaomi is good for providing good customer service and projector quality and low prices.

Why buy Xiaomi projector?

Xiaomi projectors have various advanced features which are quite better than other projectors. These features of Xiaomi projector are discussed in detail below:


Xiaomi projectors have very high brightness or lumens, resulting in vivid image and video quality on any screen. Since Xiaomi projectors have high brightness, even if the projector is operated in low light, good quality picture quality is obtained.


The contrast quality of the Xiaomi projector is not lower than that of any normal monitor. Xiaomi projectors have a high contrast value, so the image or video is clear, the color quality is also good.


Xiaomi projectors have been available in the Bangladeshi market with high quality resolution for a long time. Starting from full HD resolution to 4K resolution, Xiaomi projectors are available in Bangladesh for very little money.

Lamp Life:

Lamp life refers to the lifespan of a projector. Xiaomi projectors have a lamp life of at least 50,000 hours. So it is understood that the lamp life of Xiaomi projectors is at par with other projectors and in some models more.


Almost all types of connectivity are present in Xiaomi laptops. Xiaomi projectors support HDMI, USB, Wi-Fi connectivity so that images or videos can be viewed easily.


Xiaomi projectors have excellent after-sales service. Xiaomi comes with at least 1 year free service warranty with its projectors. As a result, if there is any problem with the projector, the customers can enjoy the free service facility.

How many types of Xiaomi projectors are available in Bangladesh?

Different series of Xiaomi projectors are available in Bangladesh but most of the Xiaomi projectors are now Mi series. However, their features and quality may vary depending on the model.

  • MI Series
  • Wanbo Series
  • Wemax Series
  • Fengmi Series
  • Mijia

What kind of images do Xiaomi projectors support?

Xiaomi projectors support all kinds of images. Any picture can be seen clearly with the help of Xiaomi projectors. JPG / JPEG / BMP / GIF / PNG / GIF These types of image formats will be supported by Xiaomi projectors.

Does the Xiaomi projector support all types of video?

Xiaomi projector currently supports all videos. Even the low-cost Xiaomi projector supports MPG / AV / MOV / MKV / MP4 video formats, so any video can be seen clearly.

How are Xiaomi Android projectors?

Xiaomi Android Projector is also known as Xiaomi Smart Projector. These Xiaomi projectors are operated by remote control and Android OS operating system. Xiaomi Android Projector also has the same features as an Android television. Videos can be viewed directly from YouTube through WiFi connection. Also, other software like Netflix will also be run on these Xiaomi Android projectors.

What is the price of Xiaomi projector in Bangladesh?

Xiaomi projector price in Bangladesh starts from just 11,500 Tk to 200,000 Tk. It supports all kinds of video, audio, image. The lamp life of this Xiaomi projector with HD resolution is up to 50000 hours. Also, various Xiaomi Android projectors are also available in Bangladesh at cheap prices. Basically the price of Xiaomi projector depends on the projection size, type of work and other specifications.